Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A flash of insight, confidence level around 7

Prince Cuomodink has been holding daily audiences...... er.... 'press conferences'.     

Now, as much as I despise the little prick, I can understand his bitching and whining on behalf of his state.  After all, that's his Yob, Man.

But, it's every bit as redundant as Cheeto speaking daily.  Cheeto's team, yeah... them I want to hear just in case they say something meaningful.  Cuomodink?  Naw...... just non-stop PMS.

Then, as I considered how far gone the current Party Choice is for the Dem nomination, it kind of flashed out of the blue.

Cuomodink is the new party choice (7/10), and that's why the ridiculous non-stop coverage for hours every day.   They are preparing their apparatchik to do as ordered (7/10).

There is precedent. 



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