Monday, May 11, 2020

Amazon..... well, it was good. It's not me this time, it's you....

So.... I just got on Amazon and cancelled my prime account, my Kindle Unlimited, video channels... everything.

A) I'm an unemployed bum, and I can't afford all these luxuries. (Well, I can, but it's still a good reason).

B) Herself is having a real crappy situation with Amazon that has soured me on dealing with them. The kind of situation she is dealing with amounts to, in my mind, extortion. I can live without being an exposed ready victim for that. In addition, it appears her account info traveled from Amazon's hands into those of a third party scammer who's also trying to extort money from her.
Now, they are putting her through customer service hell, with abuse...hang ups... ID demands.... unexplained forwards to go over it all over again..... you name it.

Well done Amazon. If I had never bought another thing, that's almost $300 Amazon lost over the year from those subscriptions alone. We all know the reality though.... I'm an Amazon regular, and I'm certain my yearly purchases total up with WAY too many numbers to the left of the decimal place.

I doubt the company cares, but I do. That's enough for me.

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