Saturday, November 21, 2020

Fire starters on the cheap....


Okay, maybe 'Frugal' sounds better, but you choose.

Here at the castle, we run a wood stove.  Also, a fire pit on the patio out back when the mood strikes.  To keep it short, we'uns start fires on a regular basis. 

To that end, I usually keep a box of commercial fire-starters on hand to make life easier on Herself, but.... them things ain't cheap. Convenience costs cash, always has and always will.

For myself, I'll take a few moments to make my own fire-starter, and it WON'T be expensive.  In fact, one might be required to pinch a penny into fractions to count it's true cost.

Step one:  Take a sammich sized baggie.  The cheapest 49 cents per 100 count type you can find.  It's life span will be short... so spend no extra pennies here.

Step two:  Shove a handful of drier lint in the baggie.

Step three:  Splash in a few tablespoons of the cheapest cooking oil your bargain store offers.  

Step four:  Put it in the stove, light it on fire, pile wood around and over it.

Step five:  Bask in the warm inner glow of frugalness. 

No worries if you want to make up a few dozen in advance, minus the oil.  That stuff gets everyplace once it's poured into the baggie. NO.... they are not oil proof.  If you don't believe me, try it.



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