Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Woke up with moments to spare.....

In my hubris, I forgot the earth rotates. The image is blurry..... but the event is fascinating.

As I stood away from the house, watching the moon move into shadow, trading glaring white for blood red, I realized how utterly alone I was. Cut off from humanity in a cold and merciless world, where creatures roamed the night, feeding without pity on anything.... or anyone.... who dared appear weak.

In this dark world, surrounded by shadows that moved and prowled with menace, I heard the most frightening sound imaginable..... The 'click' of the front door locking as a vagrant breeze blew it shut.

Locked out of the house... again. Son of a b!t$&!

I am such an idiot.


Evan said...

Your assignment for today:
-make a copy of front door key if necessary
-buy a "key-biner" at the hardware store (Target Walmart and other stores have them too)
-clip key to belt loop via key-biner
-train self to always clip them to whatever pants you're changing into
-don't ever go outside naked again

Bryn, North Wales, UK. said...

Been there, done that, suffered the consequences..... still laughing here.... (partly in sympathy, I promise..) :-)

Everett said...

I'm lucky I guess, I have 7 doors in my house and NONE of them lock!!

Merry Christmas Art!

Samm Hein said...

Yeah, had that fun before too. Head still hurts from where I banged it against the wall. Sucks big time.

Hope you left a window open by accident.