Thursday, July 22, 2021

Twisting in twilight

Mourning what never existed

Sipping good bourbon

Towards BPCR load development...


Now that I have the Creedmore type sights on the High Wall, and some ideas towards it's parameters regarding loads... it's time to get more serious.

Here we have two sets of ten cartridges, each roughly identical but for the bullets used.  The cases were worked the same, primed the same, and loaded with 60 grains of Pyrodex RS (42 grains by weight).   I'll try good true black powder when it's available back on the market.

10 are loaded with Lyman 457658 480 grain pointy flat based bullets, and the other 10 are loaded with Lyman 457132 535 grain roundish nose flat based bullets.  Both types of bullets are sized at .459". 

That leaves me room for two careful groups with each bullet.
If the heavier Postell style bullet wins the toss, then I'll order a mold up before the week is out.

The 60 grains (by volume) of Pyrodex RS seems a happy spot for this rifle.  Not so heavy that it hurts, but enough oomph to get the big bullets into stability territory.   It almost fills the case, and only requires a bit of tapping and some light compression to make the load.  No drop tube or fancy voo doo necessary.  The 60 grain load also showed me the best accuracy when I was puttering with the old Buckhorn hunting sights.  A 69 grain load gave no better accuracy, was trickier to get in the case, and gave punishing recoil.

Anywho, it's a good starting point.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Lies, damn lies.... uh, I'll just stop there for now.

Recently, the Black Rifle Coffee Company came under fire for a rumor they talked down the conservative community (whatever the hell that is).

Here, their boss man lays out his case on why that is all bullshit, in his opinion.

Lessons learned:

  1. The media, for the most part, lies.  They have no honesty, no honor, no professionalism, and no skills.  Journalistic integrity died several generations ago, however much there ever actually was.
  2. NEVER grant a media interview without having your own recording devices, solely under your own control, of the entire event.  Whenever possible, release your own recordings before the media airs their biased, out of context, garbage.
  3. The media, for the most part, LIES.
  4. When in doubt, and never be in doubt about this, the media LIES. Expect everything you don't personally see and hear to be wrong, and if it's broadcast by a media outlet it should be considered intentionally wrong.... you know.... a LIE, until research proves differently. Assume they are lying, and you will be right more often than wrong.
The latest lying pack of hyenas in the media proven once again to be liars belongs to the New York Times.   Yes, I know.... shocked face.... whatever.

The point I'd like to make here has nothing to do with Black Rifle Coffee (I'm not a customer), and everything to do with media lies.

As simply as I can say... we need to regard them just like politicians. If they are vomiting words, they are lying.  Sure, there will be odd moments where something honest and truthful is said, but waiting for that is like looking for the one friendly scorpion in Yuma county.

These folks know they can push peoples buttons, and make them do the trained seal tricks at will.  Black Rifle is a good example of this.  Before the NYT created this BS story from whole cloth, nobody cared about BRC.  Maybe a few folks were happy they had someplace they could do their own virtue signaling by overpaying for coffee, but no one really cared about BRC one way or another.

Now the New York Times does a twisted hit piece involving BRC, and lots of those folks who were happy with their expensive coffee signal instantly jumped at tearing down the company.  Why? Because they are trained to jump when their buttons are pushed, and they gave that control to the (Profanity deleted) scum at NYT, along with other media outlets.

Lemme help you with something there.... The New York Times LIES. It's their current stock in trade.  Don't let a pack of (again, deleted) hold your control and push your buttons!

A lie by any other name....

An opinion article from The Spectator, which is a purely opinion magazine I believe. 

This piece concerns the FBI.  Take a few moments and read, if you wish.

"Back in June, it transpires, the FBI raided the Pennsylvania home of one Robert Morss, an army vet and sometime social studies teacher. Among the incriminating evidence recovered was a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag and — I quote from the charging document — a ‘fully constructed Capitol Lego set’.

Morss was arrested, and still languishes in jail, because he showed up at the Capitol on January 6. (Whether, as Assistant US Attorney Melissa Jackson claimed in her detention memo, it is ‘difficult to fathom a more serious danger to the community’ than Robert Morss is perhaps open to cavil. I have quite a few candidates.)

But what about that ‘fully constructed Capitol Lego set’? At some point, the FBI released an addendum to its initial bulletin about Morss. ‘Please note that after a review of the photographs from the search, there appears to have been a miscommunication [!] and that the statement appears to be inaccurate.’ It turns out the model wasn’t ‘fully constructed’ after all. It was still in its box."

I will now offer MY opinion.  Writing up a charging document (We think Mr. X should languish in prison because of facts Y and Z) before a judge that lists 'Facts' created strictly from imagination  is what we simple people call 'Lies'.

You know.... prevarication, falsehoods, bullshit, fantasy, and in this case damned lies indeed.  The case is completely political, with any crimes themselves deeply in question, and the full weight of the Stasi... um.... I mean the FBI.... coming down on people who question their veracity.

So..... if they lie about little details like this, what else do they lie about?  What whoppers have they told us, judges, and juries?

I long for a judge who see's things like this, and bodily throws the agents into prison for contempt of court while dismissing the governments case.

Monday, July 19, 2021

I wonder...

Congestive heart failure means fatigue, aches, and pains.  Reduced blood flow to the muscles being the culprit.

Two things I must do to work with the issue.... and I say that meaning not cure, but live with till it kills me.... is to reduce body fluids and sodium intake.  This makes the heart have a better day, so to speak.

So, I soak in my hot tub daily if I can.  It helps with aches, pain, and muscle fatigue.  I also sweat for the hour or so I'm doing it, which must be reducing fluids and sodium.  In addition, it reduces my stress level and helps enhance my calm, adorable personality.

I wonder... can I treat my hot tub as medical equipment on taxes? 

CMP match


I seemed to have an issue with focus yesterday.  Ignoring pain and discomfort and zeroing in on the skills.  It was the final stage (prone, slow) that I finally got my head in the match.

By then I almost needed help up... sheesh.

361/500, and I gave up a lot of points.  The Garand performed as it always does, flawlessly.

Practice.... I just need to get off my ass and practice more. Practice with a purpose.

Herself goes along, sometimes to shoot and sometimes just to spend time and assist.

I'll tell you, it makes a big difference in how enjoyable the match is.  It's so much nicer when she's there, even if she's just relaxing with a book.

Friday, July 16, 2021


I'm deeply envious that I did not write this, and I feel a debt to Brad Torgersen for putting down my thoughts in his words.

Brad R Torgersen
Of course, the most disturbing thing about the audits is not the fact that honest mistakes were compounded by what appears to be dishonest ballot-meddling, it's that millions of Americans (including a great many powerful, influential, prestigious, and wealthy individuals) simply don't care, or don't think it's a problem. They detested and loathed the sitting President, and anything which helped to make him go away was fine and dandy. The ends truly justified the means.
Folks, I've said on my wall before I was (and still am not) any kind of fan of Donald Trump. I didn't vote for him in 2016, nor did I vote for him in 2020, and I still have a colossal beef with both the (R)s and the (D)s for giving us Trump/Clinton in '16 and Trump/Biden in '20—as if these truly were the best possible choices for national leadership.
So, my concern is not whether Trump wins in each and every scenario. I don't really care about Trump, nor his fate. My concern is that the people who hated Trump hated him *so* much, they gave themselves permission to do what is explicitly NOT PERMISSIBLE in a functioning republic.
They okayed themselves to cheat. To lie. To spread the lie via willing media mouthpieces. To attempt to block investigations and audits. To further cast aspersions on the methods and motivations of those conducting the investigations and the audits. And to lambast any common citizen who does not trust the November results. To label that citizen crazy, stupid, evil, or some combination thereof.
This is tragic. Because the integrity of our American elections ought to be a nonpartisan issue. Everyone involved ought to be able to trust the technology, processes, and checks. But for the entirety of this young century, that trust has eroded each and every cycle. To the point where I am not sure *anyone* is going to be happy with 2022 or 2024. Regardless of the outcome. Because once people become convinced the vote is rigged (whichever way you care to see it) their willingness to abide by the results of that vote, evaporates.
Why is this bad? Our nation only functions with shared government as long as people believe elections are fair, honest, can stand up to scrutiny, and that nobody's got their thumbs on the scales.
And I am now convinced a majority of Americans no longer believe this. And I am not just talking Trump voters. Remember, the same people insisting the 2016 election was hacked and that 2000 was stolen, are now insisting very, very loudly that it's *impossible* 2020 was hacked and stolen. You are dumb, insane, and dangerous if you believe 2020 was rigged. Shut up, you bigot!
So, what's the difference between a hacked and non-hacked election? Stolen and non-stolen? That you (ubiquitous) simply got your way? Is that all??
If this is now the mindset of a majority of Americans, the Republic won't survive to see the end of the century. Hell, I am not necessarily convinced we'll make it past the mid-point. You cannot effectively govern in this atmosphere. And it is an atmosphere being deliberately created by people who seem to believe the integrity of our elections isn't a big deal. That cheating and fraud are just a necessary cost of doing business.

Snerks galore....


Bidenistas getting ready for the big 'I told ya so!'

Inflation stuff again, coupled with massive mismanagement of the macro economy at the Federal gubermint level.

Somebody in the rich-old-white-guy house has noticed they are exposed on this issue, and they're trying to cover the bases for later.

I'm not sure why.  As we've seen from their blatant lies about defunding police, we are solidly into the 1984 Ministry of Truth portion of this administration.

Sharing a thought...

In a former age, one might be walking around their town, or driving down a rural road, and see a friend or neighbor relaxing on their front porch.   Sitting out front was the universal sign that visitors are welcome... and we often did.  Even if it was just to say good evening, and ask how their day was.

The days piling up with no one sitting out there... that's when we knew it was time to get off our butt and go knock.  They might really need us.

These modern days, we don't do after diner walks around town, and few folks go for that evening drive down quiet country roads.  We sit at home and twiddle electronics, or work that second job to make ends meet.

Meself?  I get to thinking about people, and feel the urge to reach out and touch base with them.  Just a note to say hi... thinking of you.... how are you doing.... I'm still here.  It's the modern version of saying "Hello friend" as I walk past their front porch.

I don't think there's enough reaching out to people in these times. People get isolated, lost in their own heads, and lack of human contact can make it all turn dark.

Do you do that?  Reach out just to say hi? Let the people you know understand they are not alone in  this mess?

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

I expect this will be appealed all the way up... God Forbid people have rights recognized!

 RICHARDSON, Circuit Judge: "When do constitutional rights vest? At 18 or 21? 16 or 25? Why not 13 or 33? In the law, a line must sometimes be drawn. But there must be a reason why constitutional rights cannot be enjoyed until a certain age. Our nation’s most cherished constitutional rights vest no later than 18. And the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms is no different."

A judge tells the ATF that people have rights..... and you know the ATF will fight tooth and nail to make that decision go away as fast as possible.

Every window in the house looks like this, and it's not raining outside.

This tells me all I wish to know about the air today.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Western Bullet Co. (update and scam warning)

I ordered some cast bullets from Western Bullet Co.   They pulled the money from my bank account on 7-2.  Their auto-generated receipt leaves the shipping info blank.  An e-mail requesting likely shipping time has gone unanswered.

We shall see if I tossed my money away, or if I'm just expecting too much in the way of customer service.

Update: It's beginning to look like Western Bullet is pretty much a scam at this point.   The site takes money, nothing is shipped out, and calls/emails go unanswered.   You are better off burning your cash as bug repellant.

The thing, for the thing....

Later today we are going to a thing, so naturally I am making a thing to take to the thing.  One simply cannot attend a thing without bringing a thing.  That would be uncivilized, barbaric even.

Today's thing shall be Butter Chicken Dip.

Now, what is Butter Chicken Dip, one may ask?  Well, I'll let you know.. just as soon as I'm done inventing it.

The ingredients, so far....

  • Chicken thighs, courtesy of the instant pot.
  • Butter.... lots of butter.
  • Jalapeno and sweet red peppers, chopped.
  • Oodles of chopped yellow onions.
  • Roasted tomatoes, chopped.
  • Cream cheese.
  • Garlic, chopped.
  • Coconut milk.
  • Chili garlic sauce.
  • Garam Masala (slightly too much), smoked paprika, black pepper, and salt.
  • Time and Love.
All done up nice and thick, and kept hot in a slow cooker.

I have not verified it to be a quote, but I wish I'd said it first..... and that it wasn't so true.

Our society is steeped in hatred.... or should I say the demand for hatred, because those who desire power can use peoples hatred to get it.

Do you want to stick it to the man? Buck the trend? Be a contrarian? Walk the path less traveled? If you do, then reject hatred. The powers that wish to be have no other handle on you.


Friday, July 9, 2021

Found what I will call an upper limit today.

530 grain bullet over 46 grains of compressed Pyrodex (=60 grains of BP) gave the slight beginnings of pressure signs, and approached uncomfortable to shoot. No benefit found as far as accuracy.

The same load with a 300 grain bullet was fun to shoot, but again no significant accuracy boost. Make a good hunting load, if I still hunted big game. I put the last 6 rounds on the 200 yard steel target. Solid THUNK every time :-)

Now I need to mount the Vernier tang sight, and get serious about target loads using 400-500 grain bullets. Suppose I should get a mold for whatever seems to shoot the best.

Addendum, note to self: Cleaning a single shot rifle is pleasant, but scrubbing lead out of a bore is not. Self, do NOT fire those rounds you were given. Instead, pull the bullets and save the components. Also self, learn from this. No matter the load, never let the fire in the cartridge touch the lead base of the bullet! Wad now, wad tomorrow, wad always!

Things I didn't know before today...

Congress has their own private police force that is completely unaccountable to the public in any way. They don't tell what happens, and you are not allowed to ask. We don't even know how many there are, beyond 'a lot'.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Well, that turned out nicely....

 So far, anyway..

In what I might call 'A former Lifetime', although it may have been the early stages of this one, I bought a hot tub.

Okay, a Spa... whatever.

At the time, I was making the move from sorta semi kinda retirement (Riiiight), back into working for a living.  Not puttering, but physical stuff.

In the light of my advancing age, and achy bits, I thought a hot tub might be the way to deal with them.

My choice was shaped by money, available electricity, money, convenience, money, and customer ratings.   Mostly though, it was money.

I needed a 15 amp 110v model to suit the house electric, which also worked with the wallet.  The resulting unit, a Lifesmart Luna, arrived by truck a few weeks after I ordered it.  Power had already been run to the patio.

That tub served almost constantly over the last ...8?.... 9?.... years. I've replaced the pump, patched the lid, and pretty much rewired the entire control system.   

I use that spa Every Day I Can.   In a nutshell, it makes many pains bearable, if not vanishing.

With the present issues, I'll be seeing a vascular surgeon soon about some problems with blood flow to a few specific areas of one leg.  The result of whatever it is.... is pain.  To deal, I do the usual Tylenol and aspirin stuff, along with muscle relaxers, which all does diddly squat.

The hot tub now.... that's effective.

Good move, all those years ago.

NO! Tis NOT a skirt!

 Beware the wandering breeze... and bending over injudiciously...

We undertook the Celtic Fling at the Pennsylvania Renfaire, and enjoyed it.  I found that taking frequent rests, and shutting down Herself's habit of marching from one side of the faire to the other, made it more than tolerable.

We met friends there, long time participants, who assured me a spot at their traditional table near the bar... and table service for the ale.

What's not to like?  We plan on going back any day we are able this season.  As such, Herself is breaking out the garb, and I find myself trotting quickly to keep up in that vein.

Here we have me in a kilt, and I can laugh (which you see) after having seen myself so adorned.

I find laughing at myself to be so much easier these days.

Here's an idea... if it is workable.

An app that keeps track of the phone numbers you block, along with the blocked numbers of everyone else that uses the app.

If a number is blocked by X-thousand people, the app adds that number to every app users block list.

It would be crowd sourcing judgements on scam and spam callers.

Just gonna park this here for now....

 Lt. Michael L. Byrd 

To all my friends of that persuasion, I just wanted to offer this heads up. Your party leadership is instructing you to change your mind on voter ID now.

Didn't want you to be behind the curve on your latest marching orders... ya know?


Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Sweeeet Cherry Wiiiine........


The 2016 Cherry wine is SOOooooo good, I'm doing an extra carboy this year in hopes of matching it.

Herself thinks I spiced the 2016 batch, and I may have.  It sounds like something I'd do.  So.... cinnamon sticks and whole cloves are already in this special run.

Putting this to ferment, and then bottling it, is an act of faith.  The faith that I will be here in a year, two years, six years, to enjoy it.

If, by chance, when it comes time to bottle and I'm not convinced this is 'The One', I may take another path.   There is the notion of a fortified wine.  One that's flavor adjusted with brandy, bourbon, and pure alcohol.  A liqueur if you will.

Boom! Boom!


This morning, before the heat set in, I worked some 45-70 cases.  Most went into the polisher after being sized, but I saved 20 odds out for load development and 'sperimentin.

Today I loaded 10 rounds with 40 grains of Pyrodex RS (By weight, as I don't own a volume measure yet) under a 530 grain Postell target bullet with SPG lube, with a 0.060" over-powder wad.

This bullet did not stabilize when pushed by a light load of Red Dot; But this charge of Pyrodex is just about all I can shove in the case, so it should be moving along fair good.

Yup, she stabilized them big slugs now!

These are my two groups of five rounds.  I cleaned the bore before each group, so each target has a fouler round to consider.

Taking out the fouling shots, the groups run about 1.25" center to center, and even at the shorter range I was shooting that's promising.

I found powder fouling to be negligible, with nothing but a moist patch needed to leave the bore bright for the next group.  Leading did not appear that I could notice.  

Cleanup at home was a snap, taking only 10 minutes or so.  I used a brush wetted with CLP for a few runs, and then moist patches for a few, and then a dry patch.   I'll keep the rifle out of the safe for the next few days and check the bore several times a day for any issues.

I do not own a drop tube... yet.... so I filled a case with Pyrodex, and between tapping it down and dumping bits out, I arrived at an idea of what the case will hold.  The .060" over-powder wad, and the massive bullet being seated served to compress the load about 1/8".

Having weighed that first charge, it was so close to 40 grains that I settled on that as the starting point. Each charge was weighed, and then slowly funneled into the case. The case was then tapped on the bench till inertia had done it's will with the charge column, and then the wad was pressed home.

The bullet was enough of a loose fit after seating that I elected to use a bit of roll crimp on the case mouth.

After firing, each case showed extruded SPG lube at the case mouth. I take this as a good sign, and noted no issues at all with overly fouled or leaded bore.

Monday, July 5, 2021

But, what if EVERYONE is an extremist. Doesn't that make them normal then?


Look what arrived in the mailbox!

It's an original Pedersoli 'Soule' type sight, and perfect for the 1885.  I believe this would have been the unit if that rifle had come from the factory with one.

The screw holes align perfectly, and no modifications will be required on either sight or rifle.  All I'm lacking are the correct length machine screws, and they are but an on-line order away.

Friday, July 2, 2021



Okay then....


I made it the range for a bit today to test loads.  Only 20 rounds, and 2500 steps... but that was enough in this heavy, warm, air. Fair laid me out when I got back home.

Anywho,  the 400 grain over 13 of Red Dot (light practice load) did a reasonable 3" at 50 yards.

I'm hoping to end up with a load that does one hole groups at 100 yards, so 3" at 50 yards is only a little interesting.  It's all data though.

The 535 grain Postell bullets over 13 grains of Red Dot.... no-go.  The 1 in 20 barrel won't stabilize them, at least at these lower velocities.
I fired 5 of the heavy's, with a called flier to the left. Walking up the target I thought the other 4 went into one hole.  Straightening the broken target paper revealed the truth.  What I thought was 4 holes together proved to be two, with one of those going through sideways.  The other two.... I just can't say.  Maybe they are in there, but more likely off paper.

I used the last 5 to try another group, and it was closer to 8".... you know, a pattern more than a group.

It looks like I'll be searching in the 300 to 480 grain range for my pet load.

Now, I'll try the 535s again with a fair charge of 3031, and see if they show anything at higher velocity. Could get lucky, but I'm not holding my breath... If I even could... lol.

The 3" group.... I can't say if that's the best the load will do, or if that's a result of my ancient eyes dealing with buckhorn hunting sights.

To find out, I've managed to locate an original Pedersoli 'Soule' type full on target sight.

With luck, it will be in my hands next week, after the postal service is finished giving it an extended tour of the United States.

After I mount it on the rifle, and learn how to use it. I'll buckle down to more serious load development.

I will say this.... on a range full of 'America's favorite rifles' (AR-15s), my single shot 1885 High Wall was clear and away the king of the range.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Loaded a few....

Took some time today to load 20 for evaluation in the High Wall.

All 20 used 13 grains of Red Dot with a 0.060" under-bullet wad.

10 are a repeat of the 400 grain bevel base bullet, with a light crimp. I want to see if that load lives up to the hints it gave last time.

The other 10 used a 535 grain Postell style bullet with no crimp at all. Fresh ground here.

First decent day where no one makes any plans for me, down to the range I go!

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

I double dog dare ya!

I bought this thing on Ebay.  It's coming from Ohio to me in Pennsylvania.  Yesterday USPS said it would be here Friday.  

Two days ago the post office took it from Ohio to Indianapolis.  Today, they took it to St. Louis. Today they say it will be here tomorrow.

I Double DOG dare you to explain why this makes sense.

  • Jun 30, 2021
  • 1:26pm
  • Jun 30, 2021
  • 9:22am
  • Jun 30, 2021
  • 8:41am
  • Jun 30, 2021
  • 8:13am
  • Jun 30, 2021
  • 8:08am
  • Jun 30, 2021
  • 4:27am
  • Jun 30, 2021
  • 3:07am
  • Jun 28, 2021
  • 8:39pm
  • Jun 28, 2021
  • 7:24pm
  • WEST LIBERTY, OH 43357
  • Jun 28, 2021
  • 5:18am
  • WEST LIBERTY, OH 43357
  • Jun 28, 2021
  • 5:39am
  • WEST LIBERTY, OH 43357