Saturday, May 8, 2021

Yo Boyd! You screaming at clouds again?


In weather this nice, Zeke gets porch time.  Usually a week or so, then back in for a while.  The variety is good for her.  The fresh air is good for her.  The freedom from screaming and screeching is sanity for us.

Think 35 year old vicious toddler with a killer bite who can fly.  Yeah... and who also sings opera, and can call dogs and cats in to attack them.

So, she loves her outdoor time.  We can open the cage up and she'll be all over it, but she won't leave.  She knows where the suckers live.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Lost and found....


I've been wondering what happened to this knife, if maybe I gave it away and forgot.  No, today I found my favorite hunting knife while cleaning off the reloading bench.  That means it's been tucked in there almost 8 years.

Too many memories carried in this blade to leave it in such condition.  Took only minutes to return that razor edge.  Good knife!


If the good lord is my buddy, as I think he is, this little comedy will go on.... and on.... and on..... for years.

Yet another bunch of racists want to build themselves a uni-skin Shangri-La way up in the mountains where those icky 'other' people will leave them alone.

Naturally, they want someone else to foot the bill for everything, and they want everything delivered to them for free, and they want someone else to do any work involved.  

Let's have us a look at their 'leader'.  Serious beverage alert here...

Getting there...

Yesterday I spoke of excavating my way to my reloading bench in the garage.  Ugh... I'm so out of it when it comes to physical labor.

Today I took care of the *on* portion of On/In/Under cleaning.  An unused horizontal surface in a garage sure does accumulate... stuff.  I set up a folding table in the driveway as a sort and clean point, and got a bucket of soapy water.   Mission accomplished for today.

The next adventure will be the In and Under parts of the mission.  Friends.... there's been some rodent activity over the years.  I'll  go in masked and gloved.

Now, time to get a shower, and weather permitting enjoy a soak in the hot tub.   It's cigar, whiskey, and recovery time.

An error in the victim selection process.

When government defends you with nothing but paper, it's time to exercise the human right of self defense on the level of the smallest minority.

Thursday, May 6, 2021


Todays goals:  

  1. Inventory primers.... Check.  Good shape.
  2. Excavate my reloading bench in the garage..... Semi-Check.  I made a path TO the bench, but didn't actually do anything with the mess on/in/under the reloading bench.   Good enough for today.
To be completely honest with myself, I pushed too far today.  The truck is half filled for a dump run, and I sorted as I dug out.  Things are hurting, and Herself has that concerned look since she spotted me after a shower.   Something about sit down, and lets check that O2 level.

Yes, please.

Two fingers of Basil Hayden's dark rye, paired with a decent cigar, on the back deck in the warming sun.

Life is made for moments like this.

Before the book is canceled....

I live in an age where the term 'CryBully' has been coined, and most people understand it immediately.

Newest on the reading pile, for when I get to it:

Cry Bullies: Protecting yourself against social muggers and victimhood aggression

I'd say, if you have an interest, get to it before the censors do.

Virus, immunization, patents, and cranial-rectal inversion

"Patents are not the problem".  

No, Idiots are, and always will be, the problem.

Treasury warns of need to deal with national debt limit

 Reading this article makes my teeth ache.....

I once made an English teacher cry, as she could not justify all the silly rules we were required to learn. I pointed out the purpose of speech and writing is communication, and if all parties understand the communication then everything else is sophistry and arrogance. We didn't need an English textbook, we needed an English pamphlet. 

I was cruel at 12 years old.

The year after that, I pissed off my math teacher so bad, he stopped talking to me the rest of the year.   We had in-class assignment, and I did mine by the book.... and he marked it wrong.  I called him out on it in class, and asked to know what was wrong with my work. He said I did not use the right method to get my answer.  I opened our textbook and showed him the method in the book, and he said we hadn't learned that one yet so I was wrong.   I asked him if it would be right if we had covered it in class.... and he said yes, then it would be right.  I countered that means it will be right then, but isn't right now.... which means everything he tells us is wrong at some point.  The whole class stared at him, while he turned beet red and stalked out.  He never spoke to me again.  I passed with a B.

My first year in high school, I took a C in a Spanish class.  I suck at languages, but I knew I earned better than a C.  My dad questioned the grade, and I told him the truth.... that teacher hates boys.  No boy gets better than a C in her classes, ever.  We all knew it.  Dad was... unhappy.  He made an appointment with the principal, to which I was called as well.  He told me to repeat what I had told him, and I did.  The principal started sputtering, but Dad shut him down and told him to produce the grades from that teachers classes for the past year, which the principal refused.  He said they were private and he couldn't share them.   My Dad used the word bullshit to his face.  Told him "You are covering for a psychotic teacher. Deal with it, or I will".   He grabbed me by the arm and we left.  In the truck on the way home, he said "You tell me if that man has anything to say to you".     The teacher retired at the end of the school year.  I told my Dad when I heard, and he said "I already know about it".  He never mentioned it again.

The next year, in an algebra class which I was floundering in, I asked my Dad for help (which I almost never did).   My Dad read the textbook chapter, then began crossing things out and writing in the margin. He told me to try doing it the way he wrote, which I did and it made sense.  The teacher asked me how I had arrived at my answers, and I showed him the book with my Dad's changes. He was incensed, took my textbook, and said I'd be paying for the book.    Before the weekend I was called to the Assistant principals office and told what discipline I would receive for 'destroying a textbook'.  It involved a weeks detention.  I explained I'd need a ride home, because detention would mean missing the bus.  He told me that was my problem, and tell my folks.  I did, and Dad told me I could walk it... "It's only 5 miles".   My first day serving detention, I wasn't there for maybe 10 minutes and I got called to the principals office.  There I found my Dad, the principal, and the algebra teacher.   When I walked in I saw the text book on the principals desk, open to the changes my Dad had made.  I heard my Dad say "Is there anything else we need to discuss?" and the principal said "I think we are done".  Dad pushed me out the door in front of him.  In the truck on the way home, he said "You are done with detention'.  Never said another word about it, but the algebra teacher never even looked in my direction after that.  I passed the class.

For the record, I never finished high school.  I took a GED, and had it in hand six months before my class graduated.  My Mom helped me apply to the local college which ran the GED program.  I was interviewed, and told I was the first person they'd ever had take the test at 17.  He let me know he had discussed it with the high school principal, who had written an endorsement that I be allowed to take the GED as soon as possible.  

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Inflation? But... what can I do about it?

Inflation is here.  There is no arguing the fact.  The only questions left are how bad will it be, and what can we do about it.

Yes, I know the *Government* numbers on inflation seem low.  At this point I could spend hours writing words in a row about why the Feds numbers are fantasy, but why waste my time? If you already know, you know.  If you don't care, or refuse to understand because it threatens your tribes power base, why should I make the effort?

If you want to know what the reality is, do your research on three topics.  1) What inflation is. 2) How the feds measure inflation, and how often they have changed that method for political reasons. 3) Try to understand what the 'Chained Consumer Price Index' is, and what it means to you.

What can we do about inflation?  On a personal level, the name of the game is family survival for most of us.  We can't change the fact that inflation is going to tax the American public so bad, we'll be praying for a tub of Vaseline to go with it.  All we can do, in most family situations, is do our best to survive and thrive under imposed adverse financial conditions.

What inflation means is our cash, cash equivalents, and pay will be worth less.  Since the actual numbers won't change there, we will see it as price increases.  Nobody will reach into your wallet, take out a dollar bill, scratch out the 1 and replace it with 8/10ths of 1.  What will happen is that fountain soda which used to cost $1 will now cost $1.20.

The soda isn't worth more.... the dollar buying it is worth less.

Most families don't have the financial reserves to do the big things in preparing for inflation.  Buy property, buy stocks, buy metals as investments, etc.   What we peasants can do is far more limited.

Think about it.  Loans you have now with fixed payments.... you will be paying a year from now with dollars worth less.  The payment will not change, but the *value* of what you are paying with goes down.  That means it might be foolish to pay off debts now, especially if the debt rate is preferential.

Debts that have you floundering though.... NEVER a good thing.  Get rid of them as fast as you can under any circumstances.

So, unless you are investing in a home or stocks... what's left?  How do you guard the *wealth* locked in your cash now, before Unca Sammy comes along and magically makes it worth less?

1)  If your family uses a commodity (toilet paper, dog food, beer, heating oil, etc) and you can safely store quantities of it.... start buying it now.   Tomorrow it will cost more, so buy it today.

Don't go crazy, but do think long term. If your heating oil tank is empty, fill it now with 5-5-21 money.   It's nearly certain that 10-5-21 dollars will be worth less, so it will take more of them.

2) Expand the pantry.  Dry basements are good, garages not so much. Think reasonable temperatures, dry, and away from insects and rodents.  If you typically bought the family groceries on a weekly basis, begin thinking in months.  That allows for better deals in bulk as well.  Shop smart!  Buy what you will use, not what sounds good, and not on a whim. Buy on sale, and be ruthless about it.

3) Luxuries.... yeah, those are going to cost more.  With your paycheck holding less actual buying power in the future, some things might have to be let go.  For me, good booze, cigars, and ammo for plinking fun.   We can either plan now on having less luxury, or plan now to stock up on what we may not be able to afford later.

4) If you know a commodity real well, and it happens to be a concentrated store of wealth, AND you can buy it very favorably at this time.... consider calling it 'An Investment' and setting aside an amount for sale later.  I know folks who have done this with wine, ammo, cigars, magazines, used tools, freon, transmissions.... follow your expertise here, but stay in  your lane. Go with what you *know*.

5) Get you house in order, and plan on being flexible.  It's easier to change lanes when the traffic is lighter, right?  Well, it's easier to be adaptable in home life when the house is organized and ready for it.  If the heating oil tank is low and fuel prices are high, then be prepared to run the wood stove.  That means a stack of firewood now.... not some likely trees way out back under the snow.  Physical work... you know.... get off yo butt and do it.... is a form of wealth in it's own right.

Speaking of being flexible, take a long hard look at where your money is spent and try to find cheaper alternatives.  I love me a good aged steak, but chili made with leftover meat scraps is pretty high on the list as well.  I also enjoy top shelf Bourbon, but mid-shelf Vodka can do up a decent cocktail at half the price, and stretch further.

Ideally, have your family in a position to ride out inflation without lowering your lifestyle more than necessary.  Have the family finances in a situation where big price increases don't have to equal trouble paying the bills.  Many a wealthy mans fortune has been made buying up real property in hard times, and no begrudging them that.... but don't let yourself be forced into the short end of that deal.

How bad could it get?  We've seen real inflation numbers (not government fantasy bilgewater) in my lifetime of 20-30% a year.  What hurts most is it really strikes in areas we use and need the most.  Housing, heating oil, food, gasoline.... the things our daily lives depend on (and the things the Feds leave out of the math on purpose).

It's difficult to think about it when the issue shows up as steady price increases.  So, think about it differently.  What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you family income was slashed by 40%? What would you do differently? What you choose to let go?

Well.... start doing all that now, while you can, and it hurts less.

Cleaning day

 I'm helping!

Todays weather here is ugly, so it's cleaning day.  Dishes, laundry, and boomsticks.

No-name here decided to help. Not. Ever dig cat hair out of a Garand trigger?

Wednesday mayhem....

Over on the other blog, Be Berry Berry Quiet.....

Silicone Graybeard talks about inflation.... cogent as always.

Whereas Peter has kept a steady drumbeat on the topic, with links, charts, and reason.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

CHF files....

As I'm coming to understand, some of the more effective treatments to slow the process of CHF are entirely in the hands of the afflicted.

  • Cut sodium to ease fluid retention
  • Lose weight to take some load off the heart
  • Careful exercise on purpose
  • Lifestyle changes to reduce stress, and manage the above points.
  • Take the bloody meds, damnit.
  • Using the Samsung watch my Son gave me, monitor blood O2, pulse, and ECG multiple times daily.  Both to learn the norms and watch for the un-norms.
I've managed to drop 9lbs in four days. I'm not proud of that... it's too fast, but I am breathing easier every day so I'll take it.

Here's what I'm doing, so far...
    NO added salt, and reading labels on everything. My goal is under between 500 and 1500mg a day.
    Eating less.  I eat breakfast, and a good one.  Often a 3 egg cheese omelet with two slices of toast.   Yes, that's a bigun.... but it's my 'Morning Meal'.  I've not been hungry, nor eating anything, all day after that breakfast.  Around 3-4pm I snack on something. Typically a small bowl of nuts.   Dinner is what it is, but I've cut portion size by half what it used to be, and let my hunger be my guide.
    Booze.... I've cut way back.  From a couple bottles a week to less than one.  I've added beer, but the latest case is Yuengling Flight, which about like making love in a canoe.
    Exercise.  I set a chore list, and try to make it reasonable.  Things I can do in short bursts, so I can stay in  reasonable breath. Also, range time, and those 100 yard trots to the targets add up.
    Sleep.  I sleep with O2 in my nose, and the AC on now that it's warmer. 10mg of Melatonin and a Benadryl each night.  I value my sleep, and understand it's importance to my health. 

Why the protein drink above?  Coffee Creamer!  Yes, I still drink coffee, and love it. On the other hand, I can't afford to miss a bet on my dietary intake, and I'm finding that a splash of protein drink adds nice flavor, and helps keep down the appetite.   Yes, it has sodium, but within my target goals.

So, weight dropping steadily so far, and activity picking up (albeit very slowly).  I do what I can, and *listen* to my body. If it says sit, I sits.



Frittata is too good, and too easy, to not make on a regular basis.  It's really nothing but scrambled eggs finished under the broiler while you watch it closely.  That said, the appearance and taste far outweigh the effort involved.

This morning's 3 egg frittata breakfast involved eggs so fresh, I had to argue with the chickens to get them.

In a very small high sided Sautee pan, a splat of butter melts.  The eggs are beaten sternly, with a small splooch of whole milk.  Pour the eggs to the pan, and set at medium low heat.

I broke up some Tillamook cheddar into the eggs as they cooked, and ground on just enough fresh black pepper to be uncomfortable.

As the eggs cooked, I lifted the edges to let fresh egg mixture run into the gap.  This builds height and fluffiness without making a mess.  When the eggs were perhaps 75% done, I sliced in blobs of mozzarella around the top, and then slid the whole pan about 6" under the broiler.

Here it takes a close watch.  Once color appears, its usually only seconds till fully done.  When my instinct says 'almost', that's when I pull the pan out and immediately plate.  The eggs will finish on their own heat.

Frittata is a leftover magnet.  Anything your heart desires can go in.  Just lightly Sautee your ingredients (excepting cheeses) in the pan before added your eggs.

It's tradition, and downright GOOD, to top with cheese before going under the broiler.  What kind of cheese is up to the cook.  I find the cheese adds enough salt that no additional is needed.

Topping are wide open as well.  My preference is a nicely chunky salsa, with a bit of heat.   Sliced tomatoes go perfectly well too.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Alternative patio digs

We lost our glass-top patio table last fall to high winds and tree branches.

That means a replacement is needful, and not another glass table.... ugh. Took forever to get it all up.

We like to grill our dinner of a Summer day, and eat outside when it's nice.  That means a table for 4 at the least.

Sometimes, rarely, we have friends join us.  Now we need a table for 6... or 8.  Suddenly this is getting pricey.  The cheapest patio tables are glass, and glass is out. Looking at various websites, the price point was around $300 for a 6' metal table that looked sturdy.  That's ammo level money!

On BJ's site, I saw these square Bistro tables, and pegged them as perfect for the front porch and back deck.  Then it hit me.... couldn't these simply be joined together as needed to make a bigger table?

Ah HA!  Our local BJ's had three in stock, and now they are assembled and placed. One each on porch, patio, and deck. Wherever I wish to plunk down my chubby butt and enjoy a cigar, there we are.

When friends come over...... Bistro Tables!  Transform!   One big table.

Not bad for $100.

06 count..

There is a CMP match in a few weeks, centered on US Bolt Actions.

Okley Doakley... I have an 03A3. 

I haven't fired that Springfield in roughly 8 years.   Well now... this oughta be fun!

Towards that end, Today was inventory 06 ammo day.  Gathered in one spot, I was happy to see what it amounts to, although it won't cover what I need. No particular loading is there in enough quantity.

The match is 58 rounds (including sighters), and I will need to practice at least that amount with the same ammo.  So, 116 rounds minimum.  At todays prices, I'd be looking at a several hundred bucks in ammo alone.... if it was available at all... which it aint.

I'ma gonna have to roll my own.  Luckily I have a few hundred match bullets, and several pounds of IMR4895.  Pretty sure I have plenty of primers too.  Now I just need to uncover my loading bench and clean up the gear.

This should be at least as much fun as shooting the match!

Did you know..?

That 6 kittens can be in 19 places at the same time?   

The older cats in the home are displeased and disgruntled.  Even Mama cat is laying in a corner exhausted.  She brings them to the living room and passes them off to us so she can take a break.

Whiskey cat has taken to walking around making what is CLEARLY an elderly mans constant grumble.  "MrawrawWrOwooWrar".  He looks at me as if to say "WHEN are YOU going to FIX this?".

In other 'Just Me' news, last night I slept like a baby.  No, better than a baby.  I slept the whole night through and almost felt refreshed this morning.  For almost a year, that hasn't happened.

What was different?  Well, I decided to run the AC last night.  Maybe the cool air and background noise had something to do with it.  Perhaps I am wrapping my head around the Retired with CHF thing. Maybe it was the new make/model of beer I drank yesterday.

Whatev.... I'll take it. 

Also, down another pound.  Please alert the media.

PS:   CRAP, they discovered they can climb the sofa.  Nothing is safe.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

I blame the Wodka

I was drinking Vodka and Grand Gala last night.

Maybe that explains the 11 hours of sleep. I feel like a different person this morning.

Also down a pound, so I have that going for me...


Friday, April 30, 2021

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Is that important?

Okay... this one I honestly had to go find reliable numbers on.

Biden's plans will cost more than all the actual US currency in existence today.

And.... new trigger assembly installed.


And..... there goes another brief spurt of energy and breath.   

I managed to install this trigger assembly, swap out laundry, and unpack a few boxes of pantry stuff that arrived today.

Boomity.... time to sit a few.

Impressions on the trigger:

Smoooooth.  Like sliding your finger on a greased kingpin. About that gooie too. The break could be crisper, but its consistent.  Reset is lovely, short, and positive.

I'll give'er a good go on the range before doing anything else.  If I'm not feeling the love, I may try flushing the housing with solvent and going back with a lighter lube than factory used.

Morning meal....

And.... that's pretty much what it is.  My 'Morning' meal. There will be an evening meal, and maybe a very light snack at some point.

CHF sucks rhino willy. It truly does. My sinister and sinful past has reflected back on me in unhappy ways.  For health reasons, I need to lose weight, cut out as much sodium as possible, and be careful not to push physical activity too far.  On top of that, I suspect the Docs would like me to swear off cigars and whiskey, but are afraid that would destroy my will to live.

The morning meal shown above is a 3 egg omelet with yellow pepper and onion. It also bears a couple tablespoons of shredded Jack cheese and lot's of fresh ground black pepper.

What it does not have is added salt.  All the salt on the plate is in the leftover sweet sausage and the glob of salsa. Even the butter on the toast is unsalted.

That said, after being on a low sodium diet for a while, that sausage tastes like licking a salt block to me.  Not foul, but Hella right in yo face with saltiness.

Evening meal will likely be a couple thin pork chops, well seasoned with everything BUT salt, and some steamed Blecholli. I'll eat the pork chops, and stare menacingly at the Blecholli till I throw it to the chickens. The chickens, in turn, will give me tomorrow's morning meal in precursor form.

Hey... I'm down a pound today!

Interesting to watch


I have a couple dollars in a Robinhood account, which I regard as I do all gambling. Fun to play with on occasion, but don't spend more than coffee money if you don't know what you are doing.

This morning, at 9:40am, that spike we see on the right occurred.  It happened in almost every stock I own, with a few exceptions.

Now, I have no idea why that spike happened, which neatly illustrates why this is entertainment for me, rather than 'investing'. The thing is.... my Pot stock (Cronos) had the exact same spike, only reversed.    Curious!

Good morning!


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Over on the other blog....

 Ruminating on the shooty blog....


Yesterday: Rifle range, trap range, grocery shopping...

This morning:   Oy!  Why does THAT hurt?  Hell, what IS that?

Two aspirin, two vitamin T, two vitamin I, and lot's of coffee.....

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Schmart person Tamara questions if we are being played by China/Russian propaganda.  She has a point.

I thought I'd comment here, in my own playground.

'Played' is, I think, the wrong word.  It's too narrow, and mildly specific to our needs.   How about we use the word 'Manipulated' instead.

Now, I agree without reservation that both world powers mentioned are attempting to 'play' us.  So it is, so it has always been on the world stage.  America used to be a master at it, although I question our proficiency these days.  Our PTB are not honest enough to be good at international prevarication anymore.

Let us consider, instead, *our* being manipulated.  That seems to open up the idea into a much broader spectrum.   

I would say "Yes", or even "Oh HELL Yes!".  We as a people are being manipulated every waking hour of our lives.  In graduated tiers of effectiveness, purpose, and animosity the tint of manipulation comes at us from every direction.

People we know, people we meet, those we may work with, those who sell to us, and most importantly those who claim to 'serve' us.  Each and all, they partake in manipulation.

My point, which seems to have waddled off, is that we as individuals should be prepared and vigilant of manipulation.  Yes, on the grand national scale, but more to home and more importantly on the very personal level.  

Frankly, every interaction with our fellow humans should be measured against that scale.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Tree rat in the bird feeder!

 Hey!  Hey!  HEY!!!

Hey!  Big Cat!  You just gonna sit there in that recliner and let this travesty happen?  Hey Big Cat!  I ain't got no thumbs.  Open the window.... I'll take care of this!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

CMP match today

I am exhausted.  About halfway through the final slow fire, I just lost my front sight picture.  Couldn't get it back... nothing but fuzz and questionable focus.

I'm told CMP rules now allow optics up to 4x, and that is certainly something I'll try here.  I already have it all, and it's even on quick detachable mounts. A swap over will take minutes, and I'll be ready to try this again.

All that, and I scored fairly well.  At least as good as I used to, which shocked me speechless.  When Herself showed me the score, I told her to add it again, as no way it could be correct.  At least six years since I shot a CMP match.

(Next day update)

LOL.... it's been so long since I've shot CMP, today I have muscle aches in my left arm from supporting the rifle in position.  I am encouraged!  Imagine how much room I have to get better.

(Update update)

A shot of Bourbon in my coffee, and 30 minutes under the jets in the hot tub.  Aches and pains gone for now!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Yeah, so.....

Ya, so I watched the video a few times.

I'mma just gonna throw this out there.  If some 200 pound psychopath-ette has me backed up against a car and is doing her demented best to stab me with a knife designed to slash and tear flesh..... I'mma gonna have to shoot her till she stops trying to murder me.

If it's one of those rare days I'm not suitably prepared for that, I'd appreciate it greatly if someone else would shoot holes in her till she stopped trying to murder me.


 $79.99 to $159.99.  That is the range on this standard 24/7/365 'special' from Palmetto.  Add in the variable of free shipping.

This pretty much sums up the shooty-stuff market range.  Today we are at [$109 with paid shipping] on that scale.   Not bad, and it means things are calming down from the wackadoodle of a few months ago.

Now, when a politician inevitably says or does something egregiously stupid, it will all go Blagargle again. 

I guess when something becomes the most likely reason you will die, you learn to pay attention to it more.  Like I am with my heart.

I can feel it's shenanigan's. The watch #1 son gave me does ECG's, and that lets me *see* what shenanigan's look like in terms of heart rhythm.

Well, I just walked into the kitchen, and herself is making us a lovely breakfast.   Amongst other things she's doing, she put blobs of canned cat food on the floor for the kittens. Right in front of the fridge. Many blobs. Like a fucking minefield. In front of the fridge.  Where the cream for my coffee lives.

Yeah.... I actually felt that spike of anger. In my chest. 

That can't be good.  That it made me angry is silly, but I'm human too. That I felt the anger reflected in my heart's rhythm is scary.

Now I'm thinking about all those years I was married, with kids, and practically seethed with anger daily at the mental and emotional abuse.  I'm wondering how much of where I'm at now is a reflection of what I lived then.