Thursday, July 19, 2018

Will Trump run again?

Trump 2016

I'm no poli-tick expert, and I didn't even stay in Holiday Inn last night.  Still, I can ask questions, and think about things.

Trump is no politician, and cares zip about party BS.  He was a Dem most of his life, till he decided to run for President. He switched to Repub as the only option, since the Dem's wrap their primary in machine shenanigans so tight, even their own party members have no say in who is chosen.
Trump 2018

So, he cares nothing about which party takes his office next.  At the most, he may care about how hard the replacement will work at undoing whatever he's done while in office.  Both parties hate him and his success, but the Pubes might put slightly less effort than the D's into dismantling his 'legacy'.

I think The Donald wanted to win the election and be sworn in as President. but I honestly don't think he ever wanted to really have the job that much.  Sure, he's *doing* the job, but I think it's only because he's stuck with it.

Think about it.  On the day he was sworn in, his lifestyle took a big hit.  He was forced to move into what is a dump by his standards.  On top of that, he's now surrounded by assholes all day long.  In addition, he's now got 95% of the media trying to prove he's Hitler, or something, when just a few years they thought he was WUuuunderful.

Lets face it.  Unless one happens to be a true patriot, or a power hungry scheming sack of excrement, being President is a really crappy job. It's nothing but inescapable pressure, 24/7 hot and cold running dickheads, Pay so crummy (in comparison) that Trump just donates every penny to charity, and not one shred of credit for anything he does.

Why should he run again?   Politicians are low rent thieves compared to his bankroll.  He can just buy a few and control them like trained bears in the circus.

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