Saturday, March 6, 2021

Journal update, 3/6/21

 Retirement/forced/grumble.   I'm learning to accept, adapt, and....  well, still learning.

Health:  Harumph!  10-20 minutes of light chores still leaves me breathless.   But, I'm doing it.  Setting small goals and accomplishing them.

Perspective:  Around Thanksgiving, I was working 70 hour weeks with 60+ students a day. 10,000+ steps a day was the norm.  Now?  Yesterday I walked 1/3 mile and was quite pleased with myself.  Of course, I had to sit down and rest for an hour afterwards.

I'm looking for more each day, but also running head-on into some limitations.  Park near the store and walk into the pharmacy means breathing heavy.  That shocks me every time.

I'm headed to the club tomorrow to re-join after years away.  I think going to the range will be a fine and gentle exercise.   I've also spoken with a local farmer, and he reports happiness at the idea of me wandering his property in search of woodchucks eating his kids dinner.  Good gentle exercise for me, and bad news for Marmota Monax I hope.

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