Sunday, March 7, 2021

Sunday Sunday Sunday.....

Montmorency cherry juice acquired. Carboys scrubbed. Hydrometer found. RedStar Champagne yeast in the fridge. Sugar should be here by days end.

I figure to bring 'er to life by tomorrow, and be bottling in a month or two. As my 21% Jewish blood would say.... L'chaim!

Also done today, application to join the local shooting club. I was a member for years and years, years ago. Lost touch when I forgot to re-up one year, and that was the year everyone lost their crap and decided they HAD to be a gun owner ASAP.

That application involved a briefing, and a two hour walking tour of the ranges. I did it... mostly. With a cane. No less than six people asked me if I was okay, and the old guy giving the tour offered me a gator to ride in several times. He looked mighty worried, I tell you. Not worried enough to fetch me a beer when I asked, but otherwise concerned.

Anywho, I'll be a member again in about three weeks. No letting it slide this time! The club only accepts new members on four mornings thru the year now.

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