Thursday, May 13, 2021

Boomstick math

Over the course of the last couple days, I have loaded 165 rounds of match grade ammunition for 30-06.

What did it cost me, besides time?  Well, if I figure the cases as a wash since they are re-usable many times (it's within my power to anneal necks), that leaves primer, powder, and bullets.

At todays tentative prices, primers are 10 cents each, powder is 41 cents per, and the bullets are 36 cents per.  That adds up to 87 cents per loaded round.

I say tentative, because all these supplies are downright iffy just now.  I can get powder and bullets, but if I had to go buy primers today I wouldn't even know where to start.

That said, factory loaded 30-06 is going for roughly $2 per round just now.  That would imply I'm doing well at 87 cents each, as expensive as that sounds.

There is another factor though.  My carefully constructed handloads are match quality, and Garand safe.  That kind of ammunition is rare on a good day.... and these ain't good days ammunition wise.  

To be very clear.... if I *didn't* load my own at 87 cents per, I would not be shooting those rifles.  Period.  There IS NO ammo available for them right now.

As it stands, I can go practice tomorrow, and shoot the match on Sunday.  That will do for now.

All that said, the 87 cents per round I spent on supplies will almost certainly not be worth 87 cents tomorrow, and next month I suspect it will be worth a lot less.   The ammo?  Already irreplaceable, and will only get more valuable each day.

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