Tuesday, May 4, 2021

CHF files....

As I'm coming to understand, some of the more effective treatments to slow the process of CHF are entirely in the hands of the afflicted.

  • Cut sodium to ease fluid retention
  • Lose weight to take some load off the heart
  • Careful exercise on purpose
  • Lifestyle changes to reduce stress, and manage the above points.
  • Take the bloody meds, damnit.
  • Using the Samsung watch my Son gave me, monitor blood O2, pulse, and ECG multiple times daily.  Both to learn the norms and watch for the un-norms.
I've managed to drop 9lbs in four days. I'm not proud of that... it's too fast, but I am breathing easier every day so I'll take it.

Here's what I'm doing, so far...
    NO added salt, and reading labels on everything. My goal is under between 500 and 1500mg a day.
    Eating less.  I eat breakfast, and a good one.  Often a 3 egg cheese omelet with two slices of toast.   Yes, that's a bigun.... but it's my 'Morning Meal'.  I've not been hungry, nor eating anything, all day after that breakfast.  Around 3-4pm I snack on something. Typically a small bowl of nuts.   Dinner is what it is, but I've cut portion size by half what it used to be, and let my hunger be my guide.
    Booze.... I've cut way back.  From a couple bottles a week to less than one.  I've added beer, but the latest case is Yuengling Flight, which about like making love in a canoe.
    Exercise.  I set a chore list, and try to make it reasonable.  Things I can do in short bursts, so I can stay in  reasonable breath. Also, range time, and those 100 yard trots to the targets add up.
    Sleep.  I sleep with O2 in my nose, and the AC on now that it's warmer. 10mg of Melatonin and a Benadryl each night.  I value my sleep, and understand it's importance to my health. 

Why the protein drink above?  Coffee Creamer!  Yes, I still drink coffee, and love it. On the other hand, I can't afford to miss a bet on my dietary intake, and I'm finding that a splash of protein drink adds nice flavor, and helps keep down the appetite.   Yes, it has sodium, but within my target goals.

So, weight dropping steadily so far, and activity picking up (albeit very slowly).  I do what I can, and *listen* to my body. If it says sit, I sits.

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