Thursday, June 17, 2021

Strays, and taking in of same...


In life I've tried to be a generous fellow, most times. That has led to a general patience with strays of all kinds, and making room for them to find home within my walls.

Once again, it's happened.  This time an Uberti High Wall chambered in 45-70.  It's branded Stoeger, but in all other ways it's an Uberti right up to the box and it's number.  A 30" octagon barrel Hunter model, although the merest addition of a tang sight would mean an upgrade.

A friend loved her, but it was time for a new home.  I hope to have years of acquaintance of my own now.  She seems worthy, and neatly displays all of the honored JMB's skill and brilliance as he designed her 136 years ago.

The bore was not dry before I ordered dies, cases, and bullets.  Long may she survive without knowing a factory loaded cartridge.

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