Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Lies, damn lies.... uh, I'll just stop there for now.

Recently, the Black Rifle Coffee Company came under fire for a rumor they talked down the conservative community (whatever the hell that is).

Here, their boss man lays out his case on why that is all bullshit, in his opinion.

Lessons learned:

  1. The media, for the most part, lies.  They have no honesty, no honor, no professionalism, and no skills.  Journalistic integrity died several generations ago, however much there ever actually was.
  2. NEVER grant a media interview without having your own recording devices, solely under your own control, of the entire event.  Whenever possible, release your own recordings before the media airs their biased, out of context, garbage.
  3. The media, for the most part, LIES.
  4. When in doubt, and never be in doubt about this, the media LIES. Expect everything you don't personally see and hear to be wrong, and if it's broadcast by a media outlet it should be considered intentionally wrong.... you know.... a LIE, until research proves differently. Assume they are lying, and you will be right more often than wrong.
The latest lying pack of hyenas in the media proven once again to be liars belongs to the New York Times.   Yes, I know.... shocked face.... whatever.

The point I'd like to make here has nothing to do with Black Rifle Coffee (I'm not a customer), and everything to do with media lies.

As simply as I can say... we need to regard them just like politicians. If they are vomiting words, they are lying.  Sure, there will be odd moments where something honest and truthful is said, but waiting for that is like looking for the one friendly scorpion in Yuma county.

These folks know they can push peoples buttons, and make them do the trained seal tricks at will.  Black Rifle is a good example of this.  Before the NYT created this BS story from whole cloth, nobody cared about BRC.  Maybe a few folks were happy they had someplace they could do their own virtue signaling by overpaying for coffee, but no one really cared about BRC one way or another.

Now the New York Times does a twisted hit piece involving BRC, and lots of those folks who were happy with their expensive coffee signal instantly jumped at tearing down the company.  Why? Because they are trained to jump when their buttons are pushed, and they gave that control to the (Profanity deleted) scum at NYT, along with other media outlets.

Lemme help you with something there.... The New York Times LIES. It's their current stock in trade.  Don't let a pack of (again, deleted) hold your control and push your buttons!

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