Tuesday, September 28, 2021


No one smiles at the gym.  That should be a clue.

Re-starting the gym routine today.  The broken bone in my foot is mostly healed, and hardly hurts at all anymore.  I can walk fine, and that means I can do ratwheel time.  Stacking firewood yesterday just means the upper-body stuff will be a tiny challenge.

In other news, a new RRA Upper is scheduled to arrive today via USPS.  If it's typical, that means tomorrow or the next day.

I'm going to build an *accurate* AR.  At least, I hope it's accurate. For matches, bench shooting, and maybe some varmint hunting if I get lucky.

Some time in the next few days I'll lay out some rifles and do the Mr. Potato Head thing.  Trigger here, stock here, this scope here, this thing there.... Oh look!  Now I need to re-sight more rifles!

I'm seriously considering an adjustable gas block.  Both for accuracy's sake, and something else.  It occurs to me a twist of the screw would turn the rifle into a manual action, instead of semi-auto.  Since most of a match is done single shot, that could make life easier. I'm curious what it would do to POI though. 

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