Tuesday, July 5, 2022


W: 338.8

Racked wine yesterday.  The blackberry into secondary, where I threw yeast and nutrient again.  It appeared stuck at 10 brix, but is cooking nicely now.

The strawberry was racked into buckets so I could clean the must from the Ferminator, and then it went back into the 7.5 gallon unit to finish.  It had a 0 brix, so I added 4 pounds of sugar.

Today, the strawberry was hit with a stabilizer, and tomorrow will be clarification.  After that, flavor adjustment.  I'm not happy with the flavor, but it suggests to me something that will age into grace. 

Perhaps I'll port it up with some berry brandy, to give it a flavor that matches the alcohol content.

AND... I just realized something about measuring sugar and Brix levels.   Ugh.... Point to me head and abbreviate mountain. 

As an instructor, I used to begin each course with this thought:  "You are the luckiest students in this building, and I'll tell you why.  You see, my brain runs on crayons.  Because of that, I need to break everything I teach down to a crayon level so I can understand it.  That means I can give it to you on a very basic level, and then we both increase our understanding of the subject.  Now, is there anyone here who operates below the crayon level?  Yes?  Let me guess... Marine, right?  No worries. I do flavored Windex as well as crayons".

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