Sunday, September 25, 2022


W: 337.4   Ugh.  Feeling every ounce of upwards creepage too.  Hitting up extra Lasix.  Hoping to breathe easier.

W @ 4pm: 335.2
Today I have had two sammies, two sodas, 1.5 pots of coffee, and an English muffin for breakfast.  Despite this day-long feasting, I have still managed to lose several pounds over the course of the day.  'How?' you may very well ask.   Don't ask.  The answer is not pretty.

This year's peach 'Concoction'.   It's the result of standard fermentation with fresh peaches, plus a dosage of Bourbon and peach brandy for flavor.  
It's strong but has an *excellent* flavor.

As mentioned before, any reviews on Amazon for the book on the sidebar would be muchly appreciated.

  Shannon Brandt, confessed murderer of an unarmed and frightened youth, is out on bail. He admitted murdering for politics and is free for political reasons.
  I think any sane human should ask themselves if this is the world they want, voted for, and will vote for.

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