Wednesday, October 5, 2022


W:  337.0

  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Wood/fire
  • Vacuum
  • Check basement
  • Find a more positive mood ....LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  • Grannies
  • Print labels for wedding

Recession.   Yeah, we meet all the qualifications already.    Really, just looking at our household budgets and financial prospects tells the story.  I'm pleased business leaders are planning for it, though.  The better we will come out the other side.

When you hear the FBI is being picked on for turning into the left's progressive Gestapo....

As you read about the FBI raiding some right to life pastor over something all the authorities says is not a crime, remember that same FBI appears to be protecting the entirety of the Epstein/Maxwell client list.   While she went to prison for prostituting children, not one client has been named, nor is the FBI investigating the nationwide child prostitution ring anymore.

The money shot:

Daum: Do you think that Donald Trump made everybody go crazy?

Bridge: What do you mean by “made everybody go crazy”?

Daum: In my world, I know a lot of people who were so distressed about the election of Trump that they had to go on anxiety medication. They couldn’t sleep. It dominated their lives, their goals, their thoughts, their relationships, their conversations for four years and even to this day.

Bridge: That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Why would you let one person in the world control your life? Are you that weak?

The current recession and coming depression have suppressed the demand for oil.  This in turn drives down crude oil prices and lowers OPEC's income.  OPEC+ is responding by cutting production significantly to raise prices.  

This is coming at a troublesome time for the current US administration, happening right before an important mid-term election.  The rising price for energy across the board will hit American citizens right in the gut, coming as it does with inflation, the dropping value of their paychecks, and an economy running dry.

Voters will be going to the polls using gasoline they had to pay more for, all while agonizing over how to feed their families and pay their bills.  No amount of con, hustle, or redefinition is going to hide the causes of the pain voters are feeling.

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