Friday, December 2, 2022


W: 339.0
Weight is up, and it's mostly fluid.  I can feel it.  Breathing is harder, everything is more tiring.  Not a good situation and I need to get it under better control.  This almost feels like the bad days after I was first diagnosed.

Today I'll take extra Lasix, and make a point of mostly relaxing. Aside from a few chores and making dinner.  Not feeling like doing much anyway.  Due to medication shortages, I'm on the 4th choice down on the list of blood-sugar meds the doc is happy with.  Sadly, the 4th one down is Metformin.  If you have ever had to take it, you know why I don't feel like going anyplace or doing anything... except the bathroom.... AGAIN.

It's cold today.  In the low 20's last night.  We still have the furnace switched on, with stats set at 50.  Not using it much at all yet.

  • Wood & Fire
  • Chickens
  • Dishes
  • Move some wood?
  • Vacuum
  • Braised beef for dinner
  • Fix her med case
  • ?

The girls are figuring it out.  The big scary guy brings the yummies, and takes away the inconvenient lumps.

These are their first dozen, spread over two weeks.  I expect they'll be doing a dozen a week pretty steadily.

I feel a cheesecake coming up soon...


Anonymous said...

It seems like I have much the health problems you’re having. But I’ve been taking Metaformin for 20 years, among others. If I taste the least bit of salt in anything my water weight goes way up. I started seeing a new doctor about four months ago. She put me on a new diet and med. the new medication cuts my hunger way down and told me no carbs just protein, greens and fat. I was 330lbs when I first saw her, I’m 280lbs this morning. In 4 freaking months. The medicine is Monjaro or something like that. I get nausea from it but I can handle it. I also do the cooking in the house so it’s easy to make a separate meal for myself. Oh! But I miss carbs.

Carteach said...

JFM, On my second year of this ride, and we were not heavy salt users to start with. I've started making our own spice/herb/veggie blend in its place, and there's no looking back.

What I would like is a solid answer. How much salt is enough, and how much is too much? All the docs I talk to say 'Less', but can't define that. I point out that 400-500 milligrams a day is necessary for the human body to function and they admit that's true. I tell them my target is 1000-1200 a day and they universally say that's fine.

The thing is, I can salt one steak before I grill it and I'll know it the next day. Growl.