Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday morning....

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood...... Ahhh, bugger that. There isn't enough coffee in the whole state to make me cheerful at O-dark thirty on a Monday.

I just finished Ringo's latest offering, The Last Centurion. I'm still not sure where he was heading with this book. It began dry, but informative. I realized he had taken a third of the book just to set the scene... and the rest of the way through it seemed like the 'story' was just a tiny vehicle to carry the background.

I think that was the point..... Ringo wanted to get those thoughts out there, especially with the looming socio-economic train wreck our Con-gress is inflicting on us. I'm glad I read it, and probably will again in a few weeks, only with a different purpose.

On the subject of reading... Last night I picked up Pratchetts latest, Unseen Acedemicals. I'll begin reading it after I get past my Psych presentation on Thursday. I'll need a good unwind by then anyway.

I bought the Pratchett book in hard cover, at full list price.... just because I wanted what will probably be his last book. I'm going to miss that mans wit.

Life goes on.... but this morning I just can't seem to work up the joy of it. Maybe later, after my blood-coffee level comes up a bit.

Ya'll have a fine day now.....

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Crucis said...

I read "The Last Centurion" some months ago when it first came out. The core theme is a military officer's adherence to duty and his efforts to bring his troops home after being abandoned by his government.

It's also a tale of a government who ignores reality in the face of opposition. Apocryphal, perhaps.