Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random updating-ness


From the randomness that is my fried brain, a few stray thoughts....

My crazy stalker is still hanging around the edges. Maybe her meds will kick in one day, or she will find someone else to fixate on.

School? Glad you asked...... It's crazy. The kids, well, they started out a bit rough but are shaping up very nicely indeed. A few have some problems, and a few have some challenges. We have a couple who mostly try (weakly) to disrupt things, but most are busting their butts and doing good work. A solid half dozen are competing for first place in class.... and that's a joy to watch. Even better..... lot's of them are learning to THINK, and that has me dancing in the aisle.

Q: Okay, so this bulb has two different resistance readings for it's filaments... Why is that? Got any ideas?

A: Ahhh..... because one is brighter than the other?

Q: Good! Now..... which one??

A: Ahhh..... the one with lower resistance is the brighter one.

Q: YES! Why??

A: Because it has lower resistance, more current flows, and it gets brighter..?.....

HAPPY DANCE IN THE SHOP! The best part is.... I'm hearing this kind of thought process from a bunch of them. I know we teach it well, but they are getting it!

About the rest of school and the folks down front in admin, I'd best just shut up and not say much. I understand the pressure actually pushed an instructor into a physical shoving match with an administrator at another campus, and careers ended. Hard to say what happened, as we are told nothing. Suffice it to say... there are folks who are job hunting, and some people are getting medical help (read weekly iron transfusions) to keep up with the crushing work load. It's gotten nuts my friends, just nuts.

On the home front, old Al has got someone to help him with the store and finances, and that's taken a big load off me. Just in time, as I am taking two PSU courses at once along with teaching, and I am snowed under in a big way.. He seems happier, and I'm glad of that.

Honestly? I feel like that debt is paid. My friends helped me when I needed it a lot, after she died I helped him through the rough times. Now we are coming out the back side of that black cloud, and I think I filled my promise to Shirley.

What it means to me... is freedom to think about living elsewhere if I choose. Living here is handy in many ways, and good for me financially, but many days I'd rather have the peace of my own place. It has it's attractions.... a lot of them.

On the subject of 'interpersonal relationships'...... yes please, and thank you. I'll have another helping :-) Life is good there, and getting better every day. More days than not I find myself smiling for no discernible reason, and of course that means I know the reason very well indeed.

Okay, rambling mode is now off.... and I'm getting back to work on my next presentation due..... Prader-Willi syndrome, of all things. The Good Doktor smiled when she assigned me the project, saying we needed some humor to break things up. I have since found out the disease is not the funny part, oh no. The funny part is she is an acknowledged and published expert on the topic, and I am an acknowledged idiot. The funny part will be her watching me lamely plow through this..... sigh.

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