Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random updates.....

Well friends and neighbors, I guess it's time to fill in some blanks......

Lets see.... how about starting with the crazy stalker?

I dated her for a month or so.... and broke it off. I'm just not going to have crazy in my life anymore, not after living with it for so many years. I guess what followed was par for the course..... because she turned into a stalker. Cell messages, text messages, email messages.... nothing for a month and then the flood gates opened all in one night.

I got Yahoo to block her e-mail and I had Verizon block her cell number, but it only took her a few days to find a way around that using AIM. I shut down my last blog after she found it, and she began spending hours reading my old posts. Now, every few days, I get a blast of six or eight broken up and jumbled text messages on my cell phone. One set demanding something, the next explaining her latest date in detail.... and I answered none.

Now I see she has found this blog too.... persistent whacko she is. I suppose I should do what the nice state policeman said and look into a restraining order.

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M*A said...

I came to your blog via my husband...he reads gunblogs I read milblogs...and everything else. We have a friend, a milblogger, who had to go silent because of a stalker not so affectionately known as CPB (crazy psycho bitch). It's been a little over a year now that she's been quiet. I pray every day it stays that way. I'll add you to my anti-stalker prayers.