Monday, November 23, 2009

More shore images........ and a 'me' update

Running up on a five day weekend..... only working three days this week, and four next week.
Only one evening class between the two weeks...... this is unbelievable luxury after so many 50-60 hour weeks in a row.

It's looking like time to begin a house hunt. Living here, renting rooms these last few years.... it's been good for me and exactly what was right. It put me where I was needed, and let me help a few other people simply because I was here. Now, I am longing for a place my own, with all that goes with it. Privacy, peace, my own kitchen, and a new beginning to share with a lovely young lady. Thus, house hunting begins. Not to buy, not yet.... but a few years renting seems to fit my life just now. Freedom... has a special flavor just now.


Crucis said...

Loneliness can be a weight that is always a burden. Glad you've found someone to lighten your load.

Jean said...

The lighthouse photo is spectacular!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend.