Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday.... an interesting day

I am burning a sick day today... a little 'down in the back' as they say in the hills. A few too many fourteen hour days lately, and Thursday was consumed with hard cleaning work. Our class, and the entire school for that matter, buffed the facility to a high shine for the open house last night. It went well, with quite a bunch of parents showing up, along with a few new prospective students. Our program reached 'wow' territory the way it was cleaned up, and we put on a good dog and pony show for folks. It was a good evening.....

So, I'll rest up much of the day, sucking back Ibuprofen by the handful and sitting feet up while I de-stress.

This afternoon, on the other hand.... that will be different. I hope to spend a little time at the range, for the first time in months. Sure, the weather guesser is calling for thirty degree weather and thirty mile an hour 'breezes', but it's been so long since I've been shooting. I've also got a new shooter who needs some range time... and my G-30 needs 'a shootin.... and the Sig hasn't seen daylight in months.... and I haven't written a Carteach0 post in ages.... and..............

It's just time for a range day.

What else is happening today, you ask? I'm so glad you brought it up! This afternoon I sign the lease on new digs for Carteach0 and partner. An old house in the country, built in the 1700's and last added on to in the 1800's. It's been updated, with new windows and siding, an efficient oil furnace for heat, and a well that produces good water. There is a backyard just made for shooting rimfire, and a two car garage that will soon be 'man-land' with my reloading bench, cabinets, and workshop tools.

That last part is important to me... having my own work area again. A place I can do projects with confidence they'll stay untouched from one day to the next. It means I can enjoy hand loading again, and restoring old firearms as the mood strikes.

The back yard is a treat, with deck and patio and fire pit. It looks out over a big yard (which I'll have to buy a riding mower for) and borders a decent running creek. There is bamboo along the creek and up into the woods, and I'll have to keep that mowed back. There are neighbors, but they seem to be decent folks. Shooters and hunters all, with friendly dogs and bass boats as well. There is promise there (g).

Setting up a household again is not inexpensive, with so many little things adding up in a short time. Cleaning supplies, curtains, rugs, rakes, spices, pots, and pans. That said..... there are many things I look forward to. The wood fire on a cold evening.... a kitchen warmed by cooking meals for good friends.... coming home to peace and freedom. These are priceless.

So today will be a good day I think. My back will stop screaming, with a bit of rest. An hour or two at the range will lift spirits tremendously, and we come home with a lease in hand for a new home.

A good day indeed.

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Rev. Paul said...

It looks & sounds wonderful - just what the doctor ordered. Congratulations.