Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, Part three....

Step one... make strong coffee in the hope it will overcome the urge to call in crippled this morning.

Step two... Check school closings, just to find out all the really 'good' weather went North, and nothing is closed around here. (rats).

Step three... To celebrate, spill large mug of very hot coffee (mentioned above) in lap to assure fully conscious state during drive to work through all the snow and ice which is notably insufficient to cause school delays.

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Crucis said...

My wife teaches at a local seminary. The storm started late yesterday afternoon with freezing rain. The school announced that classes were canceled about five minutes before it was time for my wife to leave.

Later, the brunt of the storm passed to the north and we only got about an inch of snow.

The school extended the Fall semester a week.