Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I need lighter interests......


Perhaps I should gather an interest in feathers? Maybe study 'foam through history'? As I write this, I am looking at a mound of liqueur cartons, all packed with books, and all needing moved to the new house. It's not all the books, but a good half of them.

Later, will come everything involved with shooting and hand loading. A truckload of steel, lead, copper, brass, and other assorted weighty items. Then... the safe... the bench.... the cabinets.... the shelves..... I only wish I had all the booze that originally came in the boxes!

Moving is not enjoyable, by any means, but it is freeing in a way. All the flotsam one collects in life can be sloughed off, leaving a solid core of whats valuable. The stray photo of a former love, slid between the books one day in the past, coming to light as the shelves are laid bare. Regarded... and allowed to fall away. A stack of correspondence, once thought valuable enough to keep, now deposited in the kindling box to be recycled into heat on a cold morning. As the cartons are filled and taped shut.... a thousand decisions are made on whats important, and what is simply a memory best left behind.

Moving is not fun.... but its a cleansing experience, making room in life for new beginnings, new adventures, and perhaps some peace.

Even though the new digs are rented, I am looking forward to being settled in there with great anticipation. Coming home to love and caring, to peace, to a place where drama is left between the pages of dusty tomes. Lighting a fire of the evening, and warming before the hearth with a glass of wine... and sharing it all.

Moving is not fun... but it's needful and worthwhile sometimes.


PRH....... said...

Best friend and wife are moving into an apartment in northern Indiana while waiting for their dream house to be completed...sold their current one, and need to be out by January 1st.....He's not enjoying this move, knowing come Spring or early Summer, he'll be doing it all over again!

At 60, I've been in this house since 1995, and they are going to have to drag or carry me out in the pine box...I'm staying put{unless God decides otherwise}.

Jean said...

Moving is a yucky thing, as far as the physicality of the task.
But, in your case, I truly truly believe the rewards will be many and long lasting.
The photos of the house make me green with envy :-) and I wish you many joys there.
What a wonderful place to be and a great time of the year for starting your new life!
Merry Christmas, my friend.