Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hmm..... I need more range time, I thinks

A little range time on Friday... and I got to practice some draw/fire with my G-30.

Here's the rub... the first round out of the tube resulted in a misfeed, the first ever with this Glock. Nothing terrible, just a failure to fully feed a hand load practice round.

The thing is... It failed to feed... and I looked down at it and it took a few moments for me to think through clearing it. Maybe a full second to recognize the fault and initiate the tap-rack to clear it. That's a full second too long. It should have been instinct and muscle memory, not a recognizable thought process.

Clearly I need more range time. It was four months between range visits... and that is beginning to show up in rusty skills.


Crucis said...

My wife and I went to the range a week ago. Mostly we practiced with our snubbies. But, I wanted some time with my M&P9C. Worked great for me but my wife got two FTFs. It appeared to be "limp-wristing" but she was gripping the pistol tight enough to whiten her knuckles. First I've ever seen that.

Carteach0 said...

Yes... and my Glock has never FTF since I bought it. This was a first.
I think it goes to show... mechanical things can and will fail to operate as intended. If it's a ballpoint pen, not a disaster. If it's a defensive weapon... that could be a problem.

My answer? I need to practice more.