Monday, December 28, 2009

Moving Daze!

Just a short update....

Internet service at the old house has gone TU. Yay Frontier! (That was sarcasm... Frontier has the most pitifully incompetent technical service in the nation, and is just shy of reaching Comcast's incredible lack-o-customer service record).

Internet service at the new house is not yet installed. I can vampire off the neighbors wireless, but that is tacky after a while. I'll try and get something installed next week.

In a few days.... we are headed to the shore, where we will greet the new year from the beach at dawn (weather permitting). The hotel has sketchy Internet service, based on my last experience there.

So...... no postings from me here for a while. Til then, ya'll have a wonderful New Year's, stay safe, and I wish you all the happiness you can gather.

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