Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home again, and good it is.

I type this in the living room of our new digs, feet up, fire burning in the stove, and good coffee at my hand. The wind is howling outside, and there is a bitter cold carried on it. Here in our home, though, it is peaceful and warm.

There is butter softening on the cutting board, and fresh eggs coming to room temperature alongside it. Soon will be time for over easy fried eggs and rye toast, filling the house with a pleasant scent to join the hint of wood smoke.

As I think back over 2009, the way the year unfolded is laid before me like a book, old and well read but still holding surprises. The time span of only twelve short months, but it brought with it loves lost and gained, death, and the choice of life. New beginnings, another life salvaged, and lessons on friendship. Loss and gain came like a roller coaster, and taught that life must be faced without fear. I learned once again that truth and honesty are rarities to be cherished more than mere gold.

Now, a few days into 2010... and life is offering up it's rewards. A new home where peace reins, and a new love built on honesty and respect. Caring no less for those who have slipped from my fingers... instead accepting the pain of that loss while keeping my eyes and heart open to who is here now. I choose not to mourn what is lost, but to celebrate what was once good, what is, and what can be.

It is Sunday morning, and I cannot sleep for the excitement of savoring every moment. The fire crackles its greeting to the crisp morning, and so do I. Mug of steaming coffee in hand, I'll salute the sunrise as it clears the trees. There will be in my eye, perhaps, a tear for who is gone, or maybe it will be for the goodness that is life.


Everett said...

How is your back after moving all your "Heavy" gun gear? Hope you had lots of helpers. Your howling winds of 0358 hrs are just now blowing past my house and making it rock and roll! Gusts right around 60 kts.
Enjoy those eggs, hope they are the "politically correct" , in my eyes, brown ones! I keep 2 dozen RI Reds. Just had to give Brigid a slam about eating those white ones.

Hope all in your life continues to improve! I do believe ALL your readers felt for you during the last year! Happy New Year

PRH....... said...

Best of 2010 to you and yours!!

Carteach0 said...

Everett, it is 17 degrees here with a steady 20mph wind, gusting to 40/50mph on occasion. By 'on occasion', I mean every few minutes.

No... store bought white eggs here. I'll have farm raised brown tomorrow when I go back to a school. A lady there sells them to instructors, still warm from the chickens butt.

2009 was.... challenging. Thanks for the kind thoughts. 2010 is starting out well, and looks to be pretty good. I hope yours is too!

PRH, Thank you, and the same wishes in return.

Did it MY way said...

When one door closes, another opens.

Good luck in 2010.

See Ya

Sparrow said...

I am so happy for you! Best wishes for a joyful 2010.