Monday, January 4, 2010

'Twas a fine break....

This morning I trek back to school, back to my students, and back into 'normal' life.

We have a five month run now, til school is over. Just five more months to work with my boys; Such a short time to get them ready for the world. It's only 6am, and already I am eager to get back to it... and I guess that's part of why I love teaching. Every day I wake up ready to go all over again.

Other jobs, other careers over the years... they all had their rewards. Diagnosing the cars with problems, helping the people who would be helped, but usually just pushing towards a bigger bottom line on the P+L statement.

Teaching is different. My students change while I have them, and if I do my job right they change for the better. Yes, I get paid every few weeks, but the real compensation happens when they walk back in a few years after graduating. When we see what they have become, how their lives are progressing, and knowing we had a hand in at the beginning. That's a teachers reward.

So today, back at it. I'll work to bring their heads out of their butts and into daylight. I'll strive to open their eyes and get them thinking. I'll pound on their minds til they respond and begin asking why.... why.... and why.

After work today, I think perhaps a stop for a treat. Perhaps a case or two of Yuengling, maybe some Guiness. Something to enjoy as we sit feet up before the fire this evening, recounting the days triumphs and losses.

You folks have yourselves a fine day... and never give up the good fight.

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Did it MY way said...

I thank my teachers for giving me an education. But I thank them more for making me earn it. As a child of the 40's & 50's teachers would not pass you to the next grade unless you earned it. They also knew the parents,and expected that they also help by instilling respect for teachers.

You have a very tough job, and I thank you for doing it.

God Bless.

See Ya