Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A private message in public......

Yesterday I got a voice message from the STBEW. Three Hundred dollars is needed for youngest son to have new glasses.

Fine... I left a message in return that I would deposit said funds in her account, as long as it wasn't overdrawn. (I won't dump money in just to have her bank sweep it away in overdraft fees).

This ignited a firestorm. I woke this morning to four voice messages and twelve text messages, from her and all three sons. I also see she spent hours reading over my old blog posts last night.

Apparently I am required to bow as I hand over the money I work hard for, and my response did not equal a deep enough bow. Not one phone call or text message asked my side, nor inquired what I thought. My thoughts and opinions don't carry enough weight to consider... my designated role is to shut up and shovel cash.

So be it. At least... with the 'shut up' part. Any further phone calls or texts will be deleted unread.

Have a nice life.

Oh.... I did deposit money in her account, and the boy did get his glasses.