Friday, December 4, 2009

Well, this oughta be interesting.....

So.... the nice man says he would be happy to have us rent his house for a year or two. (I'm hoping for even longer...). That means moving.

I hate moving.

Let me repeat....

I hate moving.

On the other hand, it means moving into a comfortable new home and really beginning a part of life. That, I can get behind. It also means a garage/workshop of my own, and a great place to reload and work on restoring old firearms. It also means a kitchen of our own... that will stay clean... and too many other things to list.

But, it's a move, with all that goes with that.


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Crucis said...

Keep thing about that garage/workshop. The kitchen. The property. Before you know it, you'll be in and it'll be over except for the unpacking.

My wife and I moved into our present house and there are still some boxes we haven't unpacked.

I think that's standard for moves.