Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coakley looking for a 'historic' win on Tuesday?

In my Saturday morning interwanderings, Google shoved this article under my nose a few times. How the mystical Googlerythyms knew I might actually stop to read it, I will never know.

But... I did. The thoughts I had while reading the media drones regurgitated pap were probably not the ones intended by the political machine clicking away behind closed and guarded doors.

A 'historic' win in Massachusetts? Because she's a woman I suppose, and the Mass folks have never rolled that way in national politics. Honestly though... is that really a big deal? Half the folks in the state are woman, and I'm thinking that up till now they were just too smart to get sunk in the DC swamp of ill repute. They left that to their menfolk, being a handy way to get the more inebriated of them out of town for a while.

No.... electing a woman to the seat would not really be a big deal. That's really kind a last gasp stretch to my eyes.

You know what would really be historical? Electing a Republican like her opponent... now that would be historical. The state of Massconfusion hasn't elected a Republican to the Senate in several generations. Instead, they have sent their state bred royalty out into the big world of politics, Democrats all. Electing a woman would not be a big deal... but electing a Republican? What a novel idea for Massachusetts! I suspect Republicans might be about the smallest minority in their state, just ahead of left handed Ugandan dentists.

They have just about run out of Royalty now. There are no more scions of 'Bootlegger Joe' to pry away from the bottles and broads, and be shipped down to DC. That, and there is one more little problem the Democrats may have served themselves in this election.

By spending years demonizing the Republicans and Bush, dedicating their entire political future to the politics of hate and destruction, they purposefully trained voters to cast ballots 'against' candidates, rather than for them. The present administration came to power not on good ideas, plans, and policies, for they have none. They took hold of the reins really based on one thing, and one thing only... "Anybody but Bush".

After years and years of twisted media coverage and outright lies, a significant portion of the public was indoctrinated to vote against an entire political party. Not even being able to articulate why, they yanked that lever and pushed those buttons for 'change', never asking what it actually meant.

Well my old Democrat friends in Massachusetts, that chicken is home to roost, and he's a big, fat, mean old rooster too. Coakley is not a Kennedy, and she is not royalty, and frankly, her image is that of a vicious political operative without an ounce of soul. Add to that, she represents the 'Democratic Party', which is falling out of favor so fast that Congrss now has a lower approval rating than Idi Amin's all star basketball and beheading team. Coakley represents that which voters are rapidly learning to dislike, distrust, and even... dare I say it.... 'hate' about politics.

Coakley looks like a wonderful candidate to vote against this election in Massachusetts. After spending a decade training voters to do exactly that, the Democrats may be hoist on their own petard in a few days.

Oh... and that photo above, with 'Ol Willie Jeff doing his best impression of a drunken Kennedy man handling a woman..... what were you thinking?!?

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Borepatch said...

She's dumb as a rock. She said that Curt Schilling was a Yankees fan ... among other idiocies like Catholics shouldn't work in Emergency rooms.

But she is - as you point out - representative of Massachusetts democrats. You couldn't feed a zombie if you combined the brains of all the Democratic voters in the state.

And I thought exactly the same as you did when I saw the picture of her standing next to BJ.