Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday breakfast mission: Droolworthy

This mornings assignment: Breakfast, delectable, using what is on hand.

Perusing the pantry and ice box, a plan begins to form. Setting out ingredients tactically close at hand, the mission gets underway.

First, a cast iron pan is set to warm, and several big pats of butter are melted in the pan. Eggs, three, are scrambled and then gently poured into the p
an to cook slowly. A little kosher salt is sprinkled on, and a lot of black pepper is ground over the eggs as well.

While the egses set up to tender perfection, whole wheat tortillas are warmed to softness. They are then spread with generous portions of leftover Chili and shredded cheese. The Chili, a meal unto itself, and another post entirely.

Once the eggs have been turned and fully set, the spatula cuts them into strips to be layered onto the tortillas. A little more shredded cheese on top, and the burrito is folded over once. Placed back into the hot pan with the fo
lded side down, the breakfast burrito browns and crisps, melting the sharp cheddar into the strata of Chili and eggs. Turned once to brown the other side, the burritos are finished.

Slice into halves, and plate with the salsa of choice. I prefer a chunky and medium hot recipe of salsa.

A big mug of hot Sumatran coffee, a warm fire in the wood stove, and breakfast is ready to be enjoyed. Eat each bite slowly... linger over it. It's worth it.

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