Sunday, January 17, 2010

On being human...

Outside these walls, it's a gray day. Cold, raining, and inhospitable. The national weather service predicts it to be that way all day, and the upcoming night as well. To be outside on a day like today is to be miserable, freezing, and suffering.

But... I am a man, a member of mankind. I have opposing thumbs and the mind to direct them. What I and my species can do.... is to change our environment to suit us. We are masters of our living conditions, if we so choose.

Outside my home, an environment I choose not to live in today. Inside my walls.... the place I have constructed to suit us. A fire burns in the woodstove, doors open for us to enjoy the glow and crackle. The house is warm, gently lit, and smells of wonderful meals past and future. Princess is napping on the couch, snuggled in a comforter and in her sleep breaths deeply the scents of woodsmoke and wine.

In my lap, a computer more powerful than my parents ever dreamed, connecting me to the entire world, how and as I wish. At my elbow, a perfectly brewed mug of coffee... Sumatran... shipped halfway around the world just to take it's place here on this quiet Sunday. In the distance, the sounds of cars passing, people going places and doing things. Activity... commerce... enjoyment... duties... life.

Being a Man means I don't have to sit in a cave, shivering in the cold, miserably humbled by a little freezing water falling from an uncaring sky.

I think I will put another log on the fire, and pour myself another mug of this wonderful coffee..

Life is good.

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