Friday, January 22, 2010

Crabby Friday

I'm feeling cranky this morning. I woke to the alarm, with my brain saying things like "Why the %$#@ is that alarm going off at 5:30 on a Saturday morning?!?" When I informed my brain that it was only Friday, and I had a work day ahead of me, my brain responded by releasing some form of body chemicals that instantly placed me in a raging bad mood.

Luckily I have students to entertain me.

A few thoughts I cranked through this morning, as I crabbed my way into work....

You know that computer users group? The one that looks at our school network and all the software packages we have to use? Oh.. Right.... we don't have one of those. That's because they don't care what we think, or if the stuff is usable. That's why instructors are just shutting off their systems after they take roll, and using their own laptops in class. Yes, the network is achieving the nirvana of maximum security, that being a total inability to use it, so there is no opportunity for it to fail.

On that note.... I reviewed the whole concept of opinions. I have come to the conclusion, based on my life experience, that 90% of the people who ask for my opinion don't really want it. They only want to know if my opinion matches theirs, and it so seldom does. Therefor, there is little or no profit to me in offering opinions, even when they are asked for.

Based on this, I will now shut up for the day.

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Crucis said...

You didn't know this? You need to get out more. Heh!