Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday morning ramblings....

I slept in till the grand hour of 8am this morning. It's not that I didn't wake up, but that I was able to tell myself "You don't have to get up..." and sleep returned like a lovely warm woman snuggling up in the dawns light.

Oh... that part was real... it just felt like a wonderful dream.

Alas, sometime around 8am my brain fastened on a number recently seen while checking my bank account, and something down in the reptilian part of my brain stem decided I needed to check on that. Sigh..... awake, and the dream ends.

Now, coffee beans fresh ground and brewed, the fire sizzling and snickering on the hearth... and I have the morning to relax. The OCD in me means the kitchen sink is now cleaner, because I was near it, and the dishes put away, because I needed a cup... but aside from that silliness I can relax. Feet up towards the fire, coffee mug at my side, and laptop in my... well.... lap.

Discovery.... a neighbor has chickens, and at least one rooster. Normally I am up and away long before a rooster would stir, but this morning I can hear him in the distance. The sun is rising in brilliance, with a deep blue sky promising a spectacular day, and a rooster is crowing off in the distance. All to the tune of woodsmoke from the fire. I would not be at all surprised if Norman Rockwell stepped out of my kitchen with his own mug in hand.

Reading the news this morning, I see twinklings and inklings that Dear Leader and Congress learned nothing from Massachusetts. (which I can now spell, thanks to recent events). Congressional ogres are talking up renewed efforts on their attempts to make national health care as efficient and friendly as the Social Security administration. Have you ever known anyone who needed to apply for SSD disability benefits? Well, that is what Aunt Nancy and Uncle Harry plan for everyday health care. Universal care, in the form of universal ignorance, apathy, arrogance, and indifference.... all without appeal.

The news also brings word of Dear Leaders renewed assault on the middle class and small business. A brand new tax on banks, all as punishment for paying back the loans given them by Congress. The folks who took the money and paid nothing back, continuing to lose cash by the barge load (AIG, GM, Chrysler) are lining up with their hands out for more publicly funded largess.

Meanwhile business's are closing doors, employment numbers continue to drop, and people are signaling they are waking up to the real causes. Signals, such as overwhelming defeats to the present ruling party in Virgina, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Signals.... that point to the Democrats possible losing both houses in 2012, most of their governorships, and probably even the dog catchers too. Congress and The One respond by..... proposing new taxes on the middle class's retirement savings stored in 401k's and such.

Oh... My. Not only poke the bear, but stick matches between his toes and light them for fun. Methinks the Democrats are facing a debacle they will never understand.

He He.... good. The Socialist pricks deserve it.

Enough of that, on this spectacular morning. The fire roars, letting me open windows to the cool morning air and sunlight. My apatite grows, and the kitchen beckons. Perhaps scrambled eggs topped with salsa.... perhaps whole wheat pancakes with dark amber syrup, the horizon is endless even within our own walls!

Ya'll have a fine day my friends. You deserve it.

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