Friday, January 29, 2010

A few stray Friday comments....

  • Friday.... and we all made it through the week! Monday is Feb first, and my little angels only have four months left till they graduate. This bunch is on track to be the best class I have ever had. Hard working, thinking, talented.... and I have to release them to an economy so bad most will take years to find a job. These guys deserve better.
  • Tonight Baby and I are going to the pub, where we will dine on pub food and drink pub beer and just generally relax in a pub-ly manner. I am SO ready for that.
  • Needing some funds to finance a want/need, I placed a CraigsList ad to sell a few grams of scrap gold I have. The responses overnight were.... interesting: (1) "I'll buy youse gold. Send me your address and when youse will be dere, and I'll get rights over to youse place. Maybe while I'm dere, I'll see whats else I can... buy... yeh, dats da ticket... 'Buy'. And (2) "I'll pay you half what you asked for, and you'd be a real tard to say no. Call me at once at 675-654-8765". The new economy is interesting, and has some very efficient underpinnings growing in the non-taxable exchange areas, but there sure are some real wingnuts out there!
  • I saw a PTR-91 at a local shop, and went into heavy breathing want-want mode. I'd be all over it, but the price is exactly the same as a used truck I am looking at, and that comparison leaves me chilled. A .308 paratrooper stocked battle rifle Vs. a work truck in decent shape that will haul stuff, including my wide butt. Ah... adultness can be a real pain at times.
  • I have discovered Lancaster Brewing Companies 'Milk Stout' beer. That is good stuff! A beautiful balance of sweet and bitter, with a clean after taste. Only fault I can find is the bottle seems to be porous, and empties so fast. On the other hand, their 'Strawberry Wheat' beer is Meh, and what I have on hand may be saved to cook with.
  • As a sign of advancing age.... I have new glasses. Progressive bifocals. Yes, I said bifocals. I should have been clued in when the eye doc asked "How are you with change?". Putting them on, I was instantly nine feet tall and somebody had moved the bloody ground. On reading, turning my head makes every page go all trapazoidal and wobbly, and that includes this confuser I am typing on. The 'reading' portion of the glasses seems to include only the bottom five thousandths of an inch of the lens, and I have acquired the old man 'tilt your head back and squint' method of reading. We are not pleased.
Time to kick this pig in the butt and get moving.... Ya'll have a great day!


Bryn, North Wales, UK said...

Seems that I was luckier than you re. the bifocals... when I was offered mine by my optician, he happened to have a nearly identical prescription set ready for another customer, which I was able to try on...


Once the world stopped doing a roller-coaster (i.e. I took the damned things off!), I politely & firmly said "No thank you...."

Crucis said...

I passed the bifocal stage a decade or so ago. Yep, those first hours are trying. In a day or so, you'll never notice the difference.


When trying to focus on the front sight. You'll find that the demarcation line is right where the front sight is in a Weaver or similar stance. You'll have to practice looking over or under that area until you find the spot where you can focus on the sight.

It will be a trying period. BTDT.