Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photo-blogging the snowpocalypse, Lancaster, the afternoon....

This morning we had the traditional French Toast required on snowpocalypse mornings. This little known and very misunderstood tradition began when snow demons roamed the land. Snow demons are allergic to French Toast, so to fend off the creatures our forefathers ate the special meal every day it snowed heavy. Thus began the habit of racing to the store for Bread, Milk, and Eggs when it snows.....

I also had a big slice of red velvet cake, as I hear it makes snow leopards sneeze.

The snow deepens, falling an inch an hour now. The wind whips and blows it sideways, making shoveling difficult. I finally adopted the simple expedience of throwing the snow up into the air, and letting the howling wind make my snow a problem for Maryland to deal with.

Shoveling a path off the porch.... Five times so far today. As I type this, it has already built up another two inches on the walk. We'll keep it up as long as we have beer and steaks to fuel the shovelers.

Almost..... we could almost make it to the street with one of the vehicles. Not that it would do much good.... while the roads are plowed they recover very fast, and the wind is now drifting snow over the roads. Our neighbors just took off for town riding a four wheeler. They are riding a few miles each way through this for..... cigarettes.

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Ted Amadeus said...

This may be small comfort...or not...but Galt-in-Da-Box learned early this afternoon that Virginia is in such a snowbank the government has closed its offices and sent the bureaucrats home in Langley, and snowplows couldn't keep up with it.
PART of the government getting shut down is a good start!