Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday morning ramblings.... Part 576.2

This morning... awake at 6am, as usual. T'would be nice to sleep in, but I guess my ancient body resents sleep now. So... up and at 'em.... sorta.

My first act this morning, after starting coffee of course, was to grab a trash bag and throw away every last junkie snack food I have in the house. Potato chips, cheese curls, candy.... if it's junk, it's trash. Yesterday Princess took some photos of me to illustrate an article on Carteach0, and they showed something inescapable. I am getting FAT. Not just FAT, but FATTY FAT. Ugh...

Sure, I walk miles each day... often to shear physical exhaustion... but that's not enough. I need to eat right, and I guess do some of the 'E' word. Towards that end we checked out the local YMCA and found them pretty reasonable, and very impressive facility wise. I think we are joining this week.

Why throw away the junk food? Two reasons: Firstus, so I won't eat it! Secondus, so the next time my hand touches that bag of crap at the grocery store, the chintzy Dutchman inside me will rear up in anger at the idea of buying something to replace what I tossed out, uneaten.

So.... I relax here now over a breakfast of slow cooked Steel Cut Oats, and resolve to engage a few brain cells when it comes to food intake. The oats are giving me the energy to work on an article for Carteach0... a holster review. Look for it in a week or so, as it cycles up.

Perhaps this weekend I will get in some trigger time. It sure has been a while, what with dualing 'Snow Storms Of The Century' fighting it out over our cooling carcasses here at Castle Carteach0.

Ya'll have a fine day, ya Hear?

Oh... the photo above? You know someone is having a bad day when you come home to find your road lined with fire equipment and tanker trucks for half a mile. Seems somebody left a sheep burning in a barn, or something. First time I ever saw the fire fighters trucking in earth moving equipment. Bloody darned resourceful, our folks are here. Finest kind, they are.


James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Good thoughts and wishes aimed your way; many of us are in the same boat.

Rev. Paul said...

I was a firefighter, some 25+ years ago. We used backhoes and front-end loaders when hay bales catch fire in a barn. Relocating the bales to the outside, then ripping them apart, is the only way to put them out - if it can be done before the barn burns to its foundation.