Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday... randomosity (and a camcorder bleg)

Random thoughts on a brilliant Sunday morning....

I woke this morning, earlier than I wished, with brain in gear. It does that, perhaps too often, and not always usefully. This mornings critical mental discovery? "If I'm going to be checking out Blackhawk, and shooting there, I should take a video camera". I blame it on a low blood coffee level, and shootiness on the brain. Perhaps a few hours of trigger time on the range today will help.... (g). (instant update, no waiting: Middle son just communicated... and a noon meet-up today at SLCFSA is likely to happen. Most kewl, as he has a few new shooty toys I can oogle)

While on the topic of shootiness... over on Carteach0 I have a few posts up regarding the Lasermax guide rod laser, and another post coming with a holster review. Perhaps today will be a good chance to shoot in the G-30 with the laser, and evaluate it. The weather guesser suggests cloudy conditions, and possible even snow flurries.... so.........

So... this morning involves relaxing before a crackling fire, with coffee in hand, researching digital camcorders on-line. Thus... the bleg. Can anyone suggest a very reasonable digital camcorder? So far, the Canon FS200 is looking about right..... thoughts?

Shortly I'll gather gear for a range trip, and meet up with #2 heir. This evening, we travel to #1 heir's home for his infamous Chicken Enchiladas. All in all... it's going to be a fine, fine day.

Ya'll take care now, Ya hear?

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Rev. Paul said...

I use a JVC Everio with a 30GB hard drive. At standard settings, it offers over 12 hours of recording time. Has lots of good features & a 32X zoom. Easy to use (point & shoot simplicity) and downloads easily to a PC. Mine's about 3 years old, and newer models have even more features.