Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowpocalypse part deux, 10:30 am

The backyard, 10:30 am (give or take). Do you see that anti-sheep fence around the tree? It's three feet high. The fence in the background, about four feet high. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I just tossed a few more pieces of firewood in the stove and started a fresh pot of coffee.

The back patio. There are trees over the patio, and I suspect one might not be standing by this time tomorrow. It's sure making some weird groaning sounds.....

The neighbor snowmobiled in to his barn, and is shoveling the snow off the roof to keep it from collapsing. Now I am looking up and wondering...

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Did it MY way said...

I'm sorry for my comment, but better you than me. We would be in big trouble if that much white stuff fell in Florida.

BTW thanks for the french toast....had it this morning. Yumy.

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