Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beautiful weekend!

The weather this weekend is slated to be nothing short of gorgeous! In the fifties and sunny. I woke at 5:30 this morning... maybe because I was excited at the prospects of getting so much done, and having so much fun...

To Do List:

  • Haul Aunt Stacy to work
  • Join the YMCA (fantastic new facility close to work)
  • Study algebra for the test
  • Go shooting !
  • Buy gear for gym... I have none
  • Study algebra
  • Shop for old furniture
  • Go on a gun shop crawl
  • Study more algebra
  • Haul Aunt Stacy home from work
  • Stack firewood
  • Clean car
  • Study more %$#@&^% algebra
  • Watch the sunrise this morning (while I study algebra)
I tell you... mixing letters and numbers together is against all the laws of Gods and Nature. It causes uncomfortable gastric distress and may be responsible for global cooling.... or warming.... whichever one it is they are hawking this week.

Excuse me a moment while I refill my coffee mug and open the curtains to the dawn.....

Hmmm that list above? Just thought of more stuff....
  • Pressure wash the deck and patio
  • Take the old washer to the recycler
  • Study more no good rotten ^%$#@&!* algebra
  • Trim the bamboo shattered by snow
So.... on the subject of school.... the class is doing remarkably well. Our students this year may be the best group we have ever had. There are twice as many with excellent skills, and the work ethic is spectacular. Even the horse's asses who would like to disrupt the class are only minor league twits we could handle in our sleep. All in all... it's shaping up to be the best year ever, at least student wise.

Admin... on the other hand... I have decided I'd best just shut up about. I suspect this new bunch are the type who are happy to hear your opinion, right after they tell you what it is. Till then... speaking truth to authority could be a career ender. (Here were several paragraphs of questionable, but amusing, content that have been deleted).

This morning will involve a leisurely swim through a pot of coffee while Princess sleeps away in dream land. There is a crackling fire chasing away the chill, and some blogs that need a-readin. If all else fails, there is always algebra to study, or as I like to call it.... the instruction manual to the fiery dungeons of Mordor.

Ya'll have a FINE weekend, ya hear?


Anonymous said...

What happened to those gun shows?


Carteach0 said...

NEXT weekend! (g)

Crucis said...

If you think Algebra is bad, wait until you get to Boolean Algebra and Statistics!