Friday, March 12, 2010

Carteach0 wants himself a treats, he does..... Gun show tomorrow!

I have been working bloody hard, doing long hours, and busting my butt. Being no better than any little boy, this has built up a serious "I want me a TREAT" attitude.

Being a working type person, and not a welfare sucking handout king, any treat I get will be right behind the stack of hard earned cash I give up for it. That said.... there is a gun show at my club tomorrow! In fact, there are two or three good gun shows within driving distance this weekend.

I wants meself a treat.... and don't know what it is yet. Maybe a new 1911? Perhaps an AR platform to be like the kewl kids? Hmm.... another Glock, and that would make me a 'collector'. The possibilities are endless, and the reality is I usually walk the shows without finding anything that excites me enough to get off that hard earned cash.

Besides.... the heating oil tank needs filling, the car needs some parts, and the bills are beginning to find this new address of ours. That weighs the balance beam enough to make the small boy in me cry from frustration.

Maybe just an old shotgun then.... or a .22 (g).

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Ted Amadeus said...

If you're looking for a personal, portable cannon, I heartily recommend the Desert Eagle .50, I mean NOTHING says "you picked the wrong house to rob" like a hole you could drive a semi through!