Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wood stoves and pasta sauce

When I was home for good this evening, I spent a few moments opening windows to let in the cool breeze. Later, it will be chilly... but just now the air is full of rain smell and refreshes the soul. While I was doing so, I laid my hand on the wood stove and was surprised to find it warm to the touch. I had fired it last night, but let it pass this morning without building another blaze.

"Princess, did you have the stove going today?"

"No Babe"

Hmm.... it's been almost 18 hours since I had the old stove pouring out heat, and it was still warm. Opening the doors and poking the ashes, I found a good bed of coals glowing merrily away. Feeding on a handful of kindling and some pieces of stove wood, a fire was soon blazing away with crackling intensity. Another warm evening filled with flickering firelight and wood smoke scented breezes..... nice.

I reflected that a good wood stove was much like a good person... valuable, and always ready to work with a will.

The evening fire laid, I turned to thoughts of dinner. There were some mushrooms wanting used, and the fixings laid in for pasta sauce... so mushrooms and pasta it shall be. Sauteed in butter and fresh ground pepper, the sliced mushrooms take on a magical taste. Mixed with diced tomatoes, garlic, onions, sweet basil, oregano... and simmered gently for an hour or two... ambrosia. Soon I'll cook a pot of Penne pasta, and enjoy a simple meal.

The pressures of the school day fade away like mists before a breeze. A cold lager, a warm meal, and a hot fire. I may fall asleep with book in hand, listening to the rain fall and the fire chuckle to itself.

It's going to be a nice evening.

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Anonymous said...

Great pasta meal,good for a rainy Friday night. Enjoy the Strasburg show tomorrow. I'm going Sunday.Thanks again for a very satisfing receip.FM Lititz