Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Rev. Paul said...

Now WHY did you do that? I haven't had dinner yet. Yuck.

Ted Amadeus said...

Yeah, exactly!
Talk about the face that launched a thousand longer faces...Whadid she put that makeup on with, a masonry trowel? It ain't fillin' up the cracks!
Every time I find that Papist shrike shilling the DeathCare Bill, I hear air-raid sirens: Harbingers of impending doom.
God save America; what little of it China don't already own!

Crucis said...

Plastic. All plastic with a botox filling.

And Ted, she's a papist in name only. She can't be a papist and violate all the teachings of the church. I'm not sure how many mortal sins she's committee and I'd bet the count would be high.