Wednesday, March 10, 2010

(H/T to SayUncle)

The US Department of Education is seeking bidders on a purchase of.... get this..... '27 short barreled Remington shotguns'.

Why do they desire 27 14" barreled Remington shotguns? Because those are in keeping with their 'combat training protocol'.

US Department of Education.... '
combat training protocols'?!?!

Okay.... now there are so many scenarios here, both joking and real, but I suspect the reality is very simple. They are a government agency. All the
kewl government agencies have their own security police, building guards, rapid response teams, and personal security details. Even the post office probably has eighteen retired old geezers in black support-hose ninja suits with matching H+K magazine pouches (stocked with beef jerky to be gummed during the long hours spent guarding the super sekret postal conclaves).

Why short barreled shotguns? It's like this.... any swinging wiener can walk into WalMart and buy a few dozen plain old Remington 870's and a pallet load of #8 bird shot, but only a
real police agency can order the super kewl short barrel shotguns.... so therefor the Department of Education Elite Team Tactical Fighter Ninja Squad has to have the short barreled popguns. If not, they will never be able to face the other agencies Elite Tactical Fighter Ninja Squad members at the federal government picnic and Easter egg hunt this Spring.

What really torques me about this..... those jackasses are spending OUR money for their toys.

It's only of slight benefit to my mood to remember their training is probably so good.... the short barreled shotguns will only allow them to shoot themselves in the foot more easily than with a real shotgun.

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Ted Amadeus said...

One of those sawed-offs and a few rounds of double-aught would come in right handy if some machinegun-wielding, trenchcoat-mafia-impersonating punks decide to go all Columbine at a high school or college near you...Maybe they are FINALLY wising up, but I'm not holding my breath!