Monday, April 19, 2010

Another week begins.....


This week will be challenging. NOCTI testing my 45 little angels.... and that means five technical hands-on stations each, plus a two hour online probulating test they will hate.

It's time to don my 'NOCTI Nazi' cap, and head off to OCD land (where I am king, and therefor must do everything myself).

We have arranged industry proctors for the testing (one of whom is sleeping on my couch to be here) and set up the test stations. If the machines don't break, and the students cooperate, and some idiot in admin doesn't schedule a surprise fire drill... we should be okay.

Me.... I am hyperventilating. The results of this testing are a big deal. 'Da State' says our scores must improve every year, without fail, endlessly. Yes... that means if every student scored 100% last year, they must all score 105% this year. Logic and Da State are mutual enemies.

June is coming.....

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AM said...

Continual improvement? What sort of mouth breathing moron came up with that one?