Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday morning relaxing... just watching the irony train go past. Obama steps on his own schlong again.

. it's EARTH day again man... like.... and we should all do things that are... you know..... 'vironmentlee' good for Gai... you know man?

So what does President big ears do? Why.... he schedules himself to make a speech in New York city, within a few miles of where vice president foot-in-mouth is doing a Tee Wee appearance at the same time.

Yup... you guessed it.... The twinky twins are flying in separate jet liners to New York, snarling up air traffic for hours, traveling in seperate motorcades with seperate support and security teams as they idle the cities street traffic for hours. The general estimate is between the two of them, they will directly use 9000 gallons of fuel traveling on earth day, and nobody can estimate how much they will cause to be wasted while other people circle in passenger jets or sit in stalled traffic.

Just to add sugar to this pile of steaming irony, the NYPD is busy stealing all the bicycles outside peoples homes along the big O's travel route. You know.... just in case they are really hidden pipe bombs... you know.... sort of like the pipe bike racks they were locked to... or the pipe barricades the police installed.

Sure... lets gather all these potential pipe bombs into a big truck, and go store them at the police station. Yup... that makes sense.... and I'm sure all the ex-Obama-voter bike owners will understand that logic just fine.

You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

If 'mother earth' truly was sentient, she'd form a volcanic vent under those two morons and spit them off the face of the planet. Maybe towards Mars, who is a cold hearted bastard anyway....


Ted Amadeus said...

That bit about a volcano spitting DumB-O & Dumbass off the face of the Earth just gives me a warm fuzzy!

D.W. Drang said...

For a lot of stuff I've accused His Imperial Majesty Barack Hussein Obama I and his minions to be tone deaf. For example, the whole "Obama's gonna ban sports fishing!" thing could have been avoided if they'd put reps of Trout Unlimited and B.A.S.S. and the Izaac Walton League on the panel.

This is just hubris on such a scale that a Greek Tragedy must be on the offing...