Sunday, April 25, 2010

The first annual 'Draw Muhammed Day'

Cartoon from Chris Muir (Day by Day). A Daily read of mine, and one I leap upon like a terrier on a wabbit.

So.... violent threats from radical terrorists calling themselves 'Muslims' have caused some folks to cave in and give up their right of free speech.


Should any such care to come forth and demand that *I* give up my rights as well, I suggest you come along and speak to me about it in person. Bring a few like minded friends. Bring a lot of them. It would be an interesting discussion.


Chris Muir said...

Those wascally wabbits.

Sparrow said...

Check out Jon Stewart's take on the South Park episode being censored by Comedy Central:

Sorry, I keep forgetting how to do HTML links.

Ted Amadeus said...

Yeah, I'm planning to participate in this!
Murdering Islamic fanatics don't appear to be able to get rid of a little country you can see across from border-to-border they've been threatening to "drive into the sea" for over half a century, and if any actual terrorists show up, we'll be ready for them:
Me, Smith & Wesson!