Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday morning random notes from my life....

* I received the results of my Programs NOCTI testing yesterday (insert self satisfied chuckle here). 80% of my class passed with at least one advanced level and one competant level. 60% achieved advanced across the board in all areas. Putting that in perspective, the auto program down the hall which gets a hand picked, cream of the crop group of students.... they managed to pull a 68% advanced. Yes, I am a-chuckling to myself right about now. My boys ROCK!

* My own testing, being a college level algebra final exam last night.... did not go so well. I tanked it. 18 questions, two hours, and allowed to have three pages of notes and a calculator.... and it appeared to have been written in ancient Greek. Not only that, but ancient Greek visible only under a full moon and after the reader had gutted a unicorn. Fully one third of the problems had me staring at them with not a clue where to begin. So much for my perfect 'A' record with PSU. Looks like I will have to pay full boat for this course, and find another math course that will satisfy my credentials requirement. Wish me luck.

* I have been tagged to present at a conference this summer, The shindig is a state level thing having to do with technical education. I have been asked to do two (hour long) seminars on the best use of Power Point in teaching technical subjects. Okay... I can do that..... but....... The last time I did this subject before an audience, the paid speaker who followed me broke every single PP rule I had just laid out. It was embarrassing as hell for all concerned.

* My program just underwent it's NATEF five year re-certification review. Heavy duty documentation, and a day long probulation by an outside investigating team with clipboards. The final count.... we scored 4.7 out of 5.0. A perfect 5.0 is possible, much as it's 'possible' I could be a Russian ballerina by this time next year. Best of all were the compliments from the team leader. He said he came in expecting 'outstanding' as a baseline, and we bettered it on all counts. My boys ROCK!

* Next week, we visit Blackhawk by invitation. BBQ, Beer, Shooting with Todd Jarrett, and looking over their products. It all sounds great, right up till Chuck Buis mentioned playing paintball with Navy Seals....... I'll try to have my Will posted before I go, but if I fall then middle son gets my guns and tools, while oldest can have my computers and cameras, and youngest can have the cash. Princess may pick and choose as she wishes (g).

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eriko said...

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I have no affiliation except that I have watched a few.

The first couple are a bit crude but good enough that someone donated a copy of a better recording software. He covers quite a bit of territory
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