Friday, April 30, 2010

We are in the best of hands.....

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit notes this story, which speaks of Federal Employee's making twice what their civilian counterparts make. Also mentioned were benefits, such as health care and such:

"The average federal employee’s benefits add $40,785 to his annual total compensation, whereas the average working taxpayer’s benefits increase his total compensation by only $9,881."

The thing is, I know a fair handful of Federal and State employees at that level. Sure, they have decent bennies, but no better than a civvy. Why is the cost of their benefits so much more? Utterly terrible benefits management and waste, that's why.

Unless.... they are counting congressional benefits in there, and that throws everything off. Those folks have given themselves everything possible, for free, and only the best even then.

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Ted Amadeus said...

The American aristocracy is no longer a movers-and-shakers, captains of industry set, but bureaucrats who believe the country exists to provide them with position and a semblance of duty.